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Guda Guda Friend (Okita XD) Recruitment ( 2 3 ) [Fate/Grand Order] (45)

READ FIRST PLEASE Please place a screenshot of your support list Share your code and how many spots you have available Please recommend posts with particularly good Support lists, MLB CEs are ideal! Okay, I’m…

New Servant Profiles - Feedback [Fate/Grand Order] (9)

Hi Everyone! You may have noticed that a few of the Servant Profiles have a new format: We are experimenting with a new Servant Profile layout, and would love to hear your feedback on how everyone feels about the ne…

Fate/Grand Order Forum Information [Fate/Grand Order] (1)

Hey, we’re glad you could join us in discussing Fate/Grand Order! Please feel free to contact me directly for anything regarding our site’s content. If you have a Question involving FGO or would like to answer some, …

Fate/Grand Order: Guides & Resources [Fate/Grand Order] (2)

Here are a few Fate/Grand Order resources that you may find helpful! For beginners: -Getting Started: Some tips for new players -Combat Tips: More new player tips regarding combat -Combat Mechanics: Detailed explanat…

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