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For those of you who don't want to go in-game every day to vote in CYL :feh_nino:

Have a link! :feh_birbpeek: I’m not sure if this should be pinned or not, it’s helpful, but also not very important. You guys can decide if you want that or not :feh_flaynsmile: Edit: This should be the timeframe for…

42 January 24, 2020
General Reminder Thread (Official)

General reminders for events like TT & FB, as well as weekly Arena/AR reminders. Also banner ending reminders. Basically anything that’s limited time that’s going to end soon can go on here. Whenever you realize an ev…

324 January 24, 2020
Weekly Summoning Event Schedule (Week 13/20)

I’m super early to this, but I’m just gonna post them anyways, thought it’d be a helpful resource instead of going back to the FEH channel every time you have to check. Additional info, courtesy of @Seeker …

461 January 20, 2020
Friend Code Megathread

Here You Can Post Your Friend Code And Find Someone Else Interesting Or Incredible Builds! Rules Are Simple: 1)Post Your Friend Code, Your Lead Unit And Your Ingame Name. If You Change Lead,Please Post The Builds 2)Pi…

1499 January 19, 2020
Directory / Index for Information

Hi everyone, another episode of resource-providing. This time I’ve decided I want to make a list of stuff that I think is worth noting as reference materials or as stuff that people can refer back to. For example, over t…

9 December 20, 2019
The GP Wiki (FEH)

This is actually becoming a thing! :feh_birbpeek: Post explanations (please be well written) of past GP events so new/returning forum users can understand what happened. Of course this isn’t a real wiki, but it fits th…

2260 December 9, 2019
Fire Emblem Heroes Forum Information

Hey, we’re glad you could join us in discussing Fire Emblem Heroes! Please feel free to contact me directly for anything regarding our site’s content. If you have a Question involving FEH or would like to answer some, …

1 February 15, 2019
The Results 192 January 24, 2020
With the current results 22 January 24, 2020
My first +10 unit 7 January 24, 2020
I mad about this 2 January 24, 2020
Literally just post FEH/FE memes here - part 5

We’ve done this before, so ill just copy and paste the rules here: Welcome to this FEH/FE memes thread (Part 5)! Here are some rules: Post any Fire Emblem related memes Don’t Post any memes that are unrelated to FE Be …

1907 January 24, 2020
Splashy Bucket Inheritance 5 January 24, 2020
This place is my home now. You cant kick me out. :feh_reinthink: 54 January 24, 2020
Madhouse Mafia [R4] - Hunter x Hunter Mafia: Day Thread Part X 2681 January 24, 2020
I just want to clear things up about my opinion on how this CYL4 is going before I leave 50 January 24, 2020
This post is already nothing but a memory :feh_arthurthink: 903 January 24, 2020
FEH Builder Tournament #3: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO EDITION(for real!) All slots taken :feh_nino: 349 January 24, 2020
CYL 4 Eirika Rally Thread! 98 January 24, 2020
Guess I won't make it in time 2 January 24, 2020
Lucius advice, pretty please (choose your own toppings) 7 January 24, 2020
Brave ike or NY Alfonse 10 January 24, 2020
How many orbs do I need 8 January 24, 2020
CYL 4 Pelleas Campaign. (Art) 10 January 24, 2020
I'm leaving until CYL4 blows over 5 January 24, 2020
Changing my target 6 January 24, 2020
Another topic where you can show off your 5*+10 units 19 January 24, 2020
Choose You Legends is now Choose Your Favorite Three Houses Character 47 January 24, 2020
At least Mia is somehow still holding on to top 20 6 January 24, 2020
Orb Count Thread (Hopefully updated frequently :feh_birbpeek:) 485 January 24, 2020