1/17 FGO Winter Caravan Online 2021 Vol.1 Stream + Little Big Tengu Event

Stream to start at 16:40 JST, about 6 1/2 hours from now, and end around 18:00 JST, about 8 hours from now. The first 20 minutes or so is just going to be about development of the game, the staff, and other related projects. If it’s like last year’s Caravan streams we should be getting a bunch of preview of upcoming Events, Campaigns, or even Servants like with how Sei Shonagon was previewed. The Stream is back to being on Youtube so there shouldn’t be any streaming issues like during New Years.

The following people will be participating in this Stream:

  • Kenji Akabane (Kadoc Zemlupus)
  • Ayako Kawasumi (Artoria Pendragon)
  • Yuuki Aoi (Okita Souji, Shuten Douji)

As part of the stream there’s a 30K retweet Campaign on Twitter for 6 SQ and a CE Quest to earn a CE depicting the main artwork.

News page on the Stream

Winter Caravan page

Youtube Stream

Live translation by Tolovetrouble on Twitch


It would be lovely if they finally announced sweeping updates to correct some of the launch-era bullshit that still plagues the game, but I’d settle for the usual as long as they previewed a neat Servant, I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:


What type of bullshit are u speaking off

Class ATK demerits, many launch Servants still having irredeemably bad internals, the critical damage system, Buster’s continued disadvantage, etc. The usual stuff.

I only mention it because they had hinted to gameplay developments at the most recent JP anniversary, but best to manage expectations.


Probably animation updates, that any would be welcome for sure

What’s wrong with the crit damage system?

So much of the early game stuff has aged terribly and the game can’t really grow because of it’s reliance on these janky, early launch mechanics that are rarely updated. The game has attempted to band aid the situation through Servants like how Skadi helped with Quick and Castoria with Arts but at some point the game really needs a complete overhaul.

Launch era FGO was super trashy and super reliant on the fact that it’s connected to the Fate series and I feel like the game never really fully dealt with that issue and continues to heavily rely on the fact that it’s connected to Fate in order to make up for any gameplay shortcomings.

  • Passive star gen is too much more effective than active star gen, devaluing Servants whose main claim to fame is making stars; especially unfortunate implications for the Assassin class as a whole

  • Combat system is lopsidedly NP-centric

  • Excess crit star production beyond what is used to fuel rare skills that consume stars is useless


Someone like Superhuman Orion or Billy the Crit would disagree with this idea.

Also stars/crits go a long way toward helping with that NP lifestyle, like the NP refund for a good many servants (like Musashi).


They could try to disagree, but would fail. S-Orion, for example, is a luxury attacker despite having a powerful kit. Replacing him with a damaging NP is still going to be more consistent and efficient in most cases due to the inherent randomness of face card strategies.

Servants like S-Orion and QSH don’t do anything to shift the overall meta away from damaging NPs.


Crits in FGO atm are pretty much for those that want to take big numbers picture. NP looping, especially with Double Castoria, is just much more effective. Enough damage to break boss bars, and enough consistency to do it every turns for at least 3T. Hell, I could even bring my farming team into a CQ and win without even breaking a sweat. Most crits servant can only burst for a turn before their damage are drastically reduced.


That’s another thing that’s been bothering me about this game, I don’t like the fact that a lot of the major farming teams, like Dantes+Skadi or Spishtar+Castoria, are equally as effective at handling bosses and CQs. A single team should not be able to handle 90+% of the game’s content and really highlights the sheer lack of diversity in content when everything can be reduced to using the same farming strategy.


This why QSH is my favorite crit Servant despite being a satellite to the meta. Someone like Jalter can sometimes clear faster thanks to having a damaging NP, but her card performance is unimpressive while her s1 is down.

In any case, this game does have opportunity to diversify combat. Some like to say that players can choose to play however they want and that this is a single-player game, etc., but that’s not a good excuse.


In any case, this game does have opportunity to diversify combat. Some like to say that players can choose to play however they want and that this is a single-player game, etc., but that’s not a good excuse.

Couldn’t agree more


Stream has started. It looks like Tolovetrouble isn’t actually showing the stream on their channel because of issues with last stream so watch the youtube stream on one tab and Tolovetrouble’s audio on another tab.

Top 3 Banners chosen during the New Year’s GSSR


Top 5 Grailed Servants since New Years

  1. Muramasa
  2. Space Ishtar
  3. Summer Musashi
  4. Arash
  5. Ashiya Douman

Damn Muramasa, not even a month yet

It sounded like 2-San spent like 700$ worth on SQ to gain Muramasa


This is how you know the whole server whaled for Muramasa.

Poor 2san didn’t get him tho, new pity system incoming? :eyes: