1/2 AP Dailies

You know, I was just thinking last night that 1/2 AP dailies should actually just be the norm, and not an event. It actually makes dailies feel valuable, and it lets you play more than 3 40 AP ones in a row without having to use us an apple. Given the insane amounts of mats, embers, and QP you need, I don’t think it’s out of line with what players should be able to get daily.

And, of course, they’ve timed the current event to overlap the summer rerun, so unless there’s nothing to farm for the early part of it, you’ll have to forego the rest of it to concentrate on the summer event.

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Or you already did the event before and need something else to burn AP on.

Anyone got a rough estimate on the AP needed to clear the summer rerun (assuming you’ve already done it once and don’t need the doubles)? We should have 10 days of summer rerun after the 1/2 AP dailies ends, and I wonder if that is enough natural AP.

Using the event calculator and omitting 3* EXP and monument/pieces, and with only reward/shop CEs, it says about 70 40AP runs, I think. So not counting time it takes to get all those CEs in the first place (shop CEs, that is, assuming they even pay off…), that’s hmm, 2800 AP which is kinda close to 10 days of regen worth…

But that’s just quick math, haven’t set up any real scenarios yet with my spreadsheet.

The grind is intentional.

They want to make getting your characters from getting maxed as slow as possible in order to keep you from getting bored with the game and leaving.

That is also why they won’t do something like that until it looks like people are leaving anyways.


The thing is, there’s a balance to keep. Too heavy a grind, and people leave just because they feel it’s not worth it–and especially busy/casual players who can’t play more than once per day and thus even have just half their daily regen available. At least they’ve not implemented “cash for mats” (other than SQ for apples, effectively). To me, the current daily farming rate actually has me interested in grinding dailies. Otherwise, dailies feel underwhelming, though necessary. I’d be much more enthusiastic at grinding 1/2AP dailes every day.

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Honestly thought the same right now, I can almost max level number of my Servants in a span of two weeks if the 1/2 AP Dailies would be permanent so that would be too boring. However, the lifestyle organization to suit gameplay is also too much pain, so maybe decrease the AP’s charging time is a better way to go.

You’ve got this reversed.

I didn’t do the summer event last year, so I want to make sure I get Scathach, plus I don’t have many of the CE to accelerate the farming, nor do I intend to pull on the banner all that much, so I probably won’t get any of the event gacha-limited ones. Nor do I feel like grinding like a fool in the last days.

To me, the dailies are nice, but the event takes priority.

AP costs used to bother me in the past. But as I do more things and time becomes much more precious, I actually enjoy being able to do 3 dailies in the morning, and not worry about AP until I’m back home.


Nah you are for sure right in your approach. Was half joking around, I mean that’s my approach at the moment but I’ve done it all already.

Personally, I think the ap cost is fine the way it is, especially for exp. you need 375 class gold exp to go from 1 to 90 which, if you focus the ember farming, only takes 6 days. The material dailies just need better rates imo. And QP is alright with 40ap for at least 1mil

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I would like 1/2 AP all the time for sure. It has allowed me to take 7 4 star servants from 70-80, 1 5 star from 80-90, and Bunyan/Sherlock from 1 to max lvl. Plus, get Gilgamesh enough Gold Arch Gems to max his 2nd skill. But, if it was always 1/2 AP I could see myself running out of things to lvl up or grind on before too long. Prefer the cost for Dailies just be dropped permanently but not to half. Or maybe raise max AP points since past 100 they were not given each lvl.

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1/2 AP is nice, but it makes me grind for a little too long on the morning commute.
At the same time, at the current rate of AP regen, I can still go the entire 8-10 workday without playing if I deplete most of my AP by 9AM.

Reviewing the pros & cons though, 1/2 AP gives the game a more classic RPG grind as opposed to the standard absurdly slow mobile game grind.

Even if I max leveled all my Servants, I would then still have the long grind for all the Skill and Ascension mats, considering the low mat drop rates and high QP costs (for skills).

In summation, I doubt 1/2 AP will “kill the game” or “make it boring, too fast”. It’ll just make the game more bearable and fun, and make wasting/not using AP less concerning.

As much as the summer event overlaps the 1/2 AP dailies, but I think it’s worthwhile to spend few gold apples & farm a few more embers right now, simply because we have super / great success enhancement. Potentially you half the amount of embers and QP you needed.

I have levelled my Raikou from Lv80 to Lv 90 with 40 berserker embers because i got 2 great success
(First from 80 to 85 and second from 85 to max)

Honestly I’m dying, but at least I’m pretty much done farming embers. I leveled almost all my servants, but I still need that QP bank though. Want to get at LEAST a quarter billion, but that’s going to be rough.

Personally, I think the standard 40 AP is reasonable. At the the end of the day FGO is still a mobile game that people can casually play before work/school/etc. Not having time to spend AP because dailies are too cheap can be a tad annoying. Furthermore is you just want to grind all the time like me there are enough events that you can plan your time around to get the most out of your natural AP/apples.

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I have the same opinion as many others on this thread. A permanent 1/2 AP would lead to too much grinding. It would be more time intensive and if you can’t find the point where to stop, you just go crazy.

I love the 1/2 AP right now as well, since I finally have the chance to finally raise all my golden Servants. And at this point, I’m honestly glad when these 1/2 AP days are over.
Aside from that, a permanent 3x Super/Great Success would be much better, imo.

Me too, but they had the nerve to make it overlap in the beginning of a grindy Summer event. tch. Well, at least tomorrow I can finally give my full attention and AP bar to the Summer event.

This, 40 AP is just the right cost to being comfortable even when you’re busy. I usually just focus on one servant at a time and i think the amount of exp cards you get per AP cost is just right, if i need to hoard more exp i usually just wait for events/lottery.

That aside i wish they didn’t overlap the 1/2 AP with the summer event too… i’d spend apples there if i wasn’t busy with the event… which is also one of the grindiest in the game so that hardly helps. I already played it last year but i still want to clear the shop regardless since i value more the materials you get there than the exp cards i could farm.

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