1.3 pvp multiplier in comprehensive spreadsheet

Hello everybody. I had a look at the comprehensive spreadsheet and I think that the 1.3 multiplier is not applied.
Looking at Lugia E/SA and Lugia DT/HP the spreadsheet gives 9.455dps (355 tdo) and 7.03dps (274 tdo) respectively.

However in both cases, following the gamepress’ formulas, we can find 12.32 dps and 9.50 dps respectively when the 1.3 pvp multiplier is applied. Almost 30% more than the results of spreadsheet. When the 1.3 is not applied we find 9.55dps and 7.39dps respectively, only 1% far from the spreadsheet’s results.

So, is it possible that the spreadsheet doesn’t apply the 1.3 multiplier?

Thank you