1 legendary or two normal heroes - which is cheaper?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of the top of their head which is, on average cheaper – pulling for one specific legendary hero, or two specific normal heroes on their respective banners.

I want DC and Guard Bearing for Cormag, and wanted confirmation as to whether I should (eventually) aim to pull Hel, or to pull a DC unit and Summer Ingrid separately.


It’s all RNG so there’s really no telling.

The odds of pulling one specific unit on an 8% banner are pretty low, though, so unless Hel is sharing with one or two other units you would like, it would be best to skip her.


I would pull on the legendary banner next month for this fodder. :)

Hel, Triandra and ???


A legendary banner will typically provide more overall value, so Hel is probably the better option

Despite bad odds, pulling for 1 unit is going to be cheaper than pulling for 2. But that’s just going by raw statistics, this is in no way a guarantee


the average cost to summon a specific unit on a L/M banner is 200
and on a normal banner 150
so getting two on a normal would be 300
L/M banners also gives more 5* so if you only care about DC and Guard Bearing summon on L/M banner


Thanks so much for the information you guys. This clears things up for me. Now I know how to proceed!


the last is not announced yet
dieck and shamir are yet to have a rerun. so ether of thouse two or a new unit as the last green


Could be a 3H-a-thon with Shamir, Catherine and Flayn (blue Freyer for mythic?)