1 Per Day Update 5


Getting pretty close on 1 per day.

For those that don’t know the acct was a joke account to shop the power of raid and friendship xp. I raid daily on it, but only catch 1 pokemon a day and spin 1 stop a day. I do also battle gyms

Half way through level 39, and still only caught a grand total of 255 Pokemon in 205 days. ((Every time I mistakenly grab wrong phone and then realize after it catches I curse lol. that and when the kids pick it up and catch one for dad… I do manage not to curse at them though hehehe…) 26 best friends 38 ultra and counting…

Have a few people 1 day away from a XP hit ultra/best like beetgen, slowrespon, bbllucas and newbsaybot…

When i hit 40, Ill go into super detail about stuff like how many rare candy and what not.

It will be the empties level 40 acct, minus of course anyone who did it via the new pokestop limited event.

If anyone wants to help out on final push 014887104200 though I only get 1 spin a day to send, I do open 20 a day and tend to open every day or 2 from people.

I also want to thank all you out there, seeing the postcards been fun too.

Getting close! peace


Thanks for keeping us updated. I remember you making the original post.
It does make me wonder how many good quality meta relevant specimens you picked up along the way.
Any stand outs in the 255?


The vast majority of what I catch are the days current t5 raid boss or 7 day research reward. 146 of 255 are legendary.

Which reminds me, I do sometimes fight people that are ultra and I challenge or get challenged in but the account really has nothing for master league. Some of those legendary are naturally almost Ultra cap, and Great Cap

I also have hatched 121 eggs of which probably 115 were 7k gift eggs. Its so hard to have not noticed im about to hatch before I spin my 1 spin, to get a non-7k., Eggs are also what has allowed me to evolve 59 pokemon.

The account does have some shiny legendaries. Which are a blessing because I never realized how much Gold Medals matter to catching a raid boss, until I started this account which has none. Boy do things run a lot more.

The best story was Gengar day, where my first raid was a Shiny Perfect Gengar. Was able to run from the rest of the free passes that day without regret.