1 Year Hiatus Is Over

Hi! I dont think many people remember me since I’m back after a year basically, but I am a very OG FeH player from the start. I’m noticing not much changes to gameplay at least, but I would like to know the current meta and big changes that have occurred.

Also is getting feh pass worth it?


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The current meta is kinda just fast infantry units and the meta revolves around in-combat debuffs, out-of-combat buffs/debuffs and buff/debuff negation, damage reduction, and Isolation I hope I’m not forgetting anything

Also FEH pass being worth it is subjective, but if there is a Resplendent you like or you want to be able to auto-grind events it’s a good investment.


Ah yes, I do remember that username.

The meta? Well uh, there’s lots of damage reduction going around; reducing damage taken by a percentage. You’ll mostly see this with Brave Ike.

There’s still AoE/Ophelia hell.

Aether Raids now goes up to tier 38.

And Feh pass is worth it imo, tho I mainly just get it for the units and Auto-Start.


FEH Pass is only worth it if you’re after something specific. Is it worth it for 5 orbs? No. Is it worth it for 50 extra grails? Maybe if you need grails because too many projects. Is it worth the Divine Codes? No. And the units are going to depend on the fodder or how much you like the unit. In general, I think it’s pretty worth the price, but it really depends on how much you need or want what it’s offering.

As for the meta, speed is king, dragons and armors are dead, and they seem to be focusing a lot on Flying units lately, so that may be the next step in the meta. Also Resonant Battles exists, you missed when it was terrible and now it’s kinda fun, but there are new Harmonic Heroes that are only really great for that game mode and are otherwise just “Duos but kinda worse.” Arena’s score creep keeps going up, and now you can hit 190BST with Duos. Aether Raids is kind of a cluster and the rule changes would take forever to explain but the short is offense is way easier now.


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It’s been a long while! Welcome back :feh_nini:
Meta is still mostly the same, you’ve got your strong offensive nukes and great defensive walls.
FEH Pass being worth it depends on whether you value the quality of life changes it has and the Resplendents. It’s a good way to spend a tiny bit on FEH and still get some cool stuff, if you buy orbs normally it’s worth it. FEH is still a game you can play FTP really well though. :feh_birbpeek:


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I think a lot of people mentioned how important speed still is and how there’s a lot of damage reduction skills going around, but I think the only characters that were mentioned that have it was Brave Ike and I just wanted to throw my hat in the ring and say that there’s a couple of inheritable B-skills that are basically just skills like Hit and Run, Knock Back, etc. that have that damage reduction ability. The percentage of damage reduced is based on Speed, hence why everyone is saying why Speed is still the most important stat in the game. Mostly lot of fast sword units have these skills, but there are some Legendary and Mythic units that have damage reduction skills that base their reduction percentage off of other stats, so just be on the look out, and try to get a hold of these skills yourself. They are useful when in your hands, and deadly when in the opponent’s. There’s Deadeye, which is an archer-exclusive skill that can go against it, but its pretty rare because it’s only inheritable from Shinon.


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Bad news, Relay Defense is still on hiatus!


Brave Ike is getting a resplendent skin. That’s a thing. And that’s meta.

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Damage reduction is cancer so Bike, Sigurd, and L!dimitri are pretty meta.

Gatekeeper prolly gonna get a brave alt so be prepared for a powercreeped L!dimitri

I renember you, but I have nothing to say about the FEH Pass