+10 Brave Boyfriends

Thanks to the hero fest a month ago and the CYL4 rerun w/ spark today, I now have my 2nd and 3rd 5* exclusive +10 units.

Brave Claude

Claude is my fav lord in the series and B!Claude is the best sustain tank in the game, by far. He’s basically a masochist, taking hits all day long and then healing up so he can tank more hits. I’m trying out A/D Far Trace right now but usually he runs Guard in B. When we eventually get a grail flying healer, I plan to give them Tannenbaton to give Claude the Guard effect and run the Trace skill then.

When supported by his boyfriend, he ends up with an effective spread of 52/71/62/44/46. A true flying fortress,capable of sustaining prolonged combat.

For his refine next year, I’m hoping for “During combat, neutralizes effects that ‘grant Cooldown charge +X to foe’ and ‘inflict Cooldown charge -1 on unit’” so that his healing is basically unstoppable. And throw in some other effect like maybe H!Nowi’s super warping.

Brave Dimitri

While not my fav or second fav lord of the series, I really do enjoy redemption stories and Dimitri is a mentally ill man seeking to right the wrongs of his past. As a unit, he’s good at sustain tanking thanks to Moon Gradivus’ extra Cooldown charges.

When next to Claude, he has an effective EP spread of 51/73/51/55/28. Add another Spd/Def/Res +4 if it’s a melee foe He’s a little low on Res but against mages his 55 Def will likely be enough to get the full 40% damage reduction.

For Dimitri’s refine, I’d like him to have more of a player phase presence so something like “If unit initiates combat, grants Atk/Spd/Def +5 during combat. If unit’s Def > foe’s Def -1, grants special Cooldown charge +1 to unit per unit’s attack.” Blue Lion Rule already gives enough compensation against mages that he doesn’t need any Res when initiating and the Def-based Blade effect complements the extra Cooldown charges in the base Moon Gradivus.

Can’t wait to use these boys in arena (and immediately get clobbered by F!Edie :catcry:

Side notes
  1. B!Edie is +5 just from getting the way of Claude and Dimitri merges so I plan to finish her at the next CYL4 banner with Hero Fest rates.

  2. In getting Dimitri’s last merge today, I got a 4* special Ayra. This is my 5th Ayra since 4* special became a thing and before that I had no Ayra. I think FEH is trying to tell me something…


It’s telling you to give her skills smh

Looking great though. :feh_claudesalt: :feh_crazydimitri:


I will! I’m just deciding on if I’m actually gonna +10 her or just go with a mid-investment build.


somehow I knew this thread was yours when I read the title

Congrats on finishing 3H’s best boys :feh_dimitricool: :feh_claudetea: Both of yours have nice builds :feh_arvisboneappetite:


Congrats! I just finished B!Claude myself :feh_navarreculture: *Shakes hand


Wow, they look great. :smiley:

and immediately get clobbered by F!Edie

I’m sure we will get some new overpowered units, to fight against F!Monkey.

Hello Powercreep


Nice job! Let’s hope these Brave units get some busted refines next year :catclap:


Nice! Looking good, especially that Claude! Incidentally, I got a Brave Lysithea on a free summon today. I unfortunately used her for fodder because she keeps coming home at +HP for some reason, but my Knoll enjoyed the Lull Spd/Res!


I found the datamine from 2035:
Brave Edelgard: Basically becomes an axe Brave Hector with Brave Ike’s damage reduction.

Brave Dimitri: Grants 99 Res.

Brave Claude: +5 to all stats+Iote’s Shield built in.

Brave Lysithea: Armor effectiveness+Null Follow-up+Cavs instantly disappear the second she is in cardinal direction of them.


nahh, this will be the child banner next year lol


Kiddo Edelgard and Dimi Duo. Big bet!


As long as they were a dagger unit with The Dagger™ then I’d love that, preferably with Dimitri as the lead