10 July Angelina/Nightingale roll thread

Rate up 5* are Meteorite, Executor, Zima.

Good banner, many srtrong operators.

Might not be appealing to older players, since they will probably already own most of the featured Operators.

Still, a good chance to improve your squad.
I will roll till i get the guarantee, since i lack all the rate up 5*.

What about you?

Post here your rolls once the banner starts, show us who got out of your duffel bags.

Wish you all a Ch’en or Blaze spook :innocent:

I think I will do singles until I get the guaranteed 5 star and then call it there. I ironically the only two units I am missing are Meteorite and Executor from this banner. So any other rolling I do will just go into the Blaze banner since I still don’t have her on either or my accounts.

Rolled til guaranteed 5*, got Meteorite whom I was planning to buy from the certificate shop. Kind of happy and bummed at the same time, since I was hoping Executor would come as a guaranteed 5*, and I’ll buy Meteorite, BUT at least it’s not another Nightingale (YAY!), BUT now I really want 32 more gold certificates to buy Angelina, and I won’t be able to collect so many in 13 days :fgo_casgilworry: So… happysad. Also, a bankrupt after E2-ing Hoshi, and it’s not an LMD farming day, and I have 1231 LMD on my hands :sweat_smile: Sorry, Meteorite, I’ll raise you ASAP once I have some money :fgo_insane:



Not only Waai Fu is one of my favourite operators, but since this is the 2nd copy, i get a -1 DC.
On a Fast Operator, lowering DC is very useful.

Got a dupe of Meteorite. I was hoping for Zima, but not upset. With how high Meteorite’s DP cost is I was debating buying a dupe of her to lower it anyways - just saved me 45 certs.

Meteorite is one of my targets.

I’m almost there with my yellow certificates.

If i manage, i’ll buy her

rolled singles till 5* which ofc was the 10th roll, then dupe nearl. i bought ange from the shop and already have meteorite. ill prob stop now and save the rest of my op for nian. still sad blaze didnt turn up for me

Rolled till the 5 star guarantee which gave me croissant… this was the third consecutive time she was guarantee, I might pot 6 her at this rate

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I got SilverAsh from the guaranteed. I can’t believe this…i’m buying his skin now.

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Nearl is always good. She is the best Healing defender we can get, if one has no Saria.
And even if one has Saria, there could be a map in which we need to deploy 2 Healing Defenders.
Even if probably it would be best having her just at Potential 2 for the -1 DC.
Mine is only potential 1. Got her once, then she never came again.

I know the feeling, sadly. That happened to me too, but in the first months.
I had few operators, i needed to increase my squad. But more than 3 times i got Croissant.
Don’t get me wrong, she is a good Defender, but once or twice is enough.
Especially because in this game dupes are not as important as in FGO.

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Skipping. I have all the operators.

And Executor is pot2 for me. It is enough.

But good luck to all of you rolling.

May you get whoever you want.

Well… look who came out of the duffelbag today.

I mean