+10 Kiria build

So, I was able to get the last 5 merges I need to finish Kiria in 354 orbs on the Lull skills banner (pretty lucky) and wanted build advice. Here’s what I’ve been thinking (feel free to suggest adjustments):

IVs: +Atk (it’s a superboon so it seems like the best choice)
Weapon: Mirage Rod (PRF)
Assist: Reposition
Special: Not really sure
A-skill: Close Counter or Fort Def/Res (or an Impact? or a Stance?)
B-skill: Lull Atk/Res? (Can’t think of anything else)
C-skill: Smoke, Rouse, or Oath (I’ve also seen Time’s Pulse before)
Seal: Distant or Close Def, Smoke, Bond, Stance, or Quick Riposte (or a Wave?)

These are just the skills that came to my mind when writing this. It doesn’t mean I’ve ruled out other options. And this is probably obvious, but I want an optimal, expensive build (though I might have to use budget skills while I get those optimal skills). I’ve tried using the unit builder; but I feel like there’s so many feasible combinations that I’ve started to confuse myself.

P.S. I’m probably going to Summoner Support since she’s my favorite.

Thanks in advance!


She can reasonably run a lot of builds, so your analysis paralysis is understandable. Not to overcomplicate things even further, but for B skill she can also run Vantage for sweeping or Special Spiral if you’ve got special CD acceleration support (Duo Fonse, IP, Velouria, etc). For special she can run Glimmer effectively for taking advantage of Mirage Rod + Lull Atk/Res 3 debuffing, or maybe Iceberg for scaling off of her high Res stat + stat stacking.

It really depends on what role you want her to play. People are sleeping on Kiria now that F!Julia is out but she’s way more flexible for mixed phase/tanking and can assist her team better. One isn’t significantly better than the other. She’ll be a keeper for a long time no matter which way you decide to build her, so have fun doing so!


Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I’ve thought about Vantage but feel like it doesn’t take complete advantage of her bulk. I’ve thought about Special Spiral, too by considering a build like Ophelia’s; but then we have the same problem as above. Besides, Ophelia provides CD support for herself so she runs that build better. Of course, I could use Special Spiral differently. I really like the ideas for her special. I was just sort of confused since I’ve seen people run healing specials also.

Basically, I want a powerful tank that can deal a lot of damage on retaliation. Though, if an Impact is strongly recommended enough, I might go down that route.


I run a typical CC Vantage build on her in AR defense with IP support so she can Immediately nuke.

Other than that,

Atk/Res Solo + Special Spiral + Glimmer
Mirror Impact + Lull Atk/Res + Res Smoke
Sol + CC + Lull Atk/Res + Atk Smoke + QR Seal

She does everything pretty well, honestly. You can even stick Miracle on her since she doesn’t need a damaging special.


she can do it all, but to get the most bang for your buck, I’d say sturdy impact, time’s pulse (she needs charges bad), cc/close foil would be the ones to fodder.

if she’s on ARD, impact >>>> everything else.

I would not put special spiral on her. It typically doesn’t offer that much for mages that don’t have a 2 cd prf special or slaying in their tome.


So I was brainstorming some more and came up with this:

Still open to suggestions, but I feel like this could work. It’s intended to be an enemy phase build granting her 45 Def against physical, ranged units; 50 Res against magical, ranged units; and 51 Def against all melee units. I’m hoping that she’ll be able to one-shot on retaliation with 78 Atk and Glimmer proccing. If she can, then she can avoid a second hit, preserving her bulk for future combat engagements. All the stats I gave are effective values granted by the build itself and can even be further raised through buffs granted by allies.

I might still give her an Impact (most likely Sturdy since she needs Def more than Res and because I already have a bad IV Tibarn).

Probably not going to give her anything for a little longer in case I get some more ideas from other people. Just wanted to give you guys an update on what I’ve been thinking. Feel free to criticize the build if you find any fault with it. I’m open to any ideas that might improve her.

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I usually run exactly that build on my Kiria except for Atk Smoke 3 instead of Time’s Pulse (for now at least) since Time’s Pulse is expensive :feh_narcian_anguish: many foes will be scared of an instant Glimmer though. Maybe consider Sturdy Stance 2 seal for extra attack, a Def boost and activation against all ranges? :feh_marththink: Unless you want her to counter melee opponents harder overall. Otherwise looks great!

(It really is hard to go wrong with builds on her)

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if you intend to use her as a mixed phase tank in ar offense, you could pair her with that build and a dancer like tethys with sabotage res, fort def res, and ploys. tethys could actully soak all chills from her…except atk unfortunately. she could snipe two troublesome units before needing to tank a thing. this would work extremely well with time’s pulse, and she gets def boost from naga. probably sturdy stance in her seal.

i do something similar but with duo alfonse, and it is extremely efffective.

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Yeah, Sturdy Stance is obviously superior, just forgot it existed. That’s what I get for unit building at 1:00 A.M. XD

The Tethys idea is actually quite interesting. I’ve always wanted to build her but haven’t gotten any copies yet. This gives me another reason to build her! So I started looking at her in the Unit Builder and came up with this:

I could use Drive Atk or Spurs instead as well. I’ll decide upon that later. I just wanted thoughts on the rest of the build. Using Temari+ eliminates the need for Ploys; and its effect, along with the effect of Sabotage Res, synergizes well with a Res refine. Def is a superboon and is necessary to soak Chills for Kiria. Moonbow is just what I usually give my Refreshers, and I didn’t know what else to give her.

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Mmm I said times pulse above, meant pulse smoke. Since she’s ranged infantry, she uses it really well. Snipe the two most threaning units, pulse smoke the units around them twice, and tank the rest with their atk and res debuffed. With that all set up and her at +10, not many defenses will offer resistance.

you may have to run res/def tactics skills on tethys though.

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Sorry about the late reply. I went to sleep.

Pulse Smoke is an interesting idea on Kiria. It makes sense because it would completely shut down Infantry Pulse teams and other teams that have Special cooldowns at the start of the first turn. I’ll have to think about it though because I do really like the idea of instant Glimmer, but that might be more useful in other game modes. I really don’t want to give her multiple expensive builds, but I might because it seems like a good idea.

Res Tactic on Tethys so that Kiria receives the buff is a good idea; but wouldn’t Def Tactic on Tethys so that Kiria receives the buff leave Kiria vulnerable to Chill Def? That was kinda the reason why I didn’t give Tethys visible buffing skills like Hones and instead gave her Drives and Spurs.