+10 L!Hector showcase

Tl;dr went in to get 3 copies of Lector. Results below.


Well, I decided to just pull for hector. Getting 5 Robins would probably cost me 600 orbs on average, and spending all those orbs for a unit I dont really want…

The results were… mixed. I sadly wasnt able to grab the two remaining copies of Lector I needed before the spark. Even after my ninth summon being Lector was a pretty good start. 273 orbs later I finally got the last copy. Other then that;

3 FLyon
1 Brave Roy (fourth time I got him without ever pulling for him)
1 Leanne (didnt have her, seems good)
1 Tibarn

So 8 five star hetoes, excluding the spark. Thats not too shabby. As for Lector, well…

Only my second 5 star +10 after BIke. Very happy with the result, he just fits into my arena team so well!


Congrats mate, I hope I can join you soon (gonna spread out the summoning to prevent tilt).

I hope he gets a good refine too, Hector has always been one of my favorite lords and I’d like to see him shine a bit. Who do you pair him with in Arena?


Looks amazing and he provides great support.
Now for the weapon refine!


Awesome job finishing him! :catclap:


Thanks all!

I pair him with OG Tharja and Flying Eldigan. Just makes for such a smooth arena experience. Its not the best scoring team but the synergy between Tharja and Hector especially shines. She makes him bulkier, and he spectrum buffs her with just rhe c slot and rally.


Looks awesome congratulations, he is one of my favorite lords.


Congratulations on your new +10!!

I’m also hoping to get him maxed out eventually (he is at +7), but I’ll only have enough to spark and I will probably pick FLyon there (another merge project at +5). Colorless is my back up color because my Robin is at +8.



I contemplated for a while leading up to this banner wether or not to pull for Robin as well. Its a shame she is mid merged at +5, because my priorities have shifted over time. I used to aim as high as I could, which as F2P meant tier 20.5 often. But arena has become a chore. Now I just want to have smooth runs, so less scoring and more flexibility. My fire season squad is finished now, and it runs like clockwork.

If I had Robin at +8 I would have finished her for sure.

Figured I will use Alm during earth season for now, to reach similar results.

Congrat! Mine got the same build (One of his best since SB…), But he also got a galeforce AR-O build that’s still not bad at all!

My L! Hector was my 2nd +10 after a lot more orbs than expected but he still got a place in my heart

Still he got powercreeped hard by a shitload of others armored axe, and I’m kind of salty about is meh remix… I hope his refine will be god-like, or at least LA!Hector level because atm… He is very outdated


Tbh, I think Hector has a place in the meta. Just not the highest potential, but he can enable galeforce strategies, take a hit to ensure pot collection, etc.

Where he really shines is arena IMO. And I have no ambition to be t21 anymore, making him even better. And we still have the refine to look forward too. Something like a save skill on the weapon would go a long way, and is my personal prediction for him.

Obviously units like BEdelgard outshine him in the tanking department. Which is why units like Hector have to find niche things to do, and he does it well.


I hope L!Hector will get a -6atk/def on ennemy (buffing his bulk and dmg potential), some kind of healing and a save skill!
Maybe I’m asking too much, but he is hurt even more by the fact his prf is in C slot, where armor got save skills, the type ofskill that made them meta-relevant again…


That would be such an amazing refine


Yeah, but the poor man need it, compared to the newest (and not so newest B!Edel) armors…

Oh, I agree. I was really disappointed with his remix as the tactics restriction meant he couldn’t be used on save balls (which is what the armors are best used on nowadays). Your refine would make that possible.

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For me it was more the 6def/res VISIBLE Buff. Like what? Visible buff are the easiest to get and are the worst possible with all the lull/panic there is. In combat buff would’ve been so much better with no counter play outside of bram

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That too! Visible buffs are not my favourite. It also makes me worried for LTiki.

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