+10 raven build options

so i’ve got a +10 raven that i’ve been using pretty frequently but i’d like to build him for the arena and general play. he’s +spd and will eventually have +10 dragonflowers.

i’m thinking of doing: draconic aura, fury 4, wrath/desperation, even atk wave 3, brazen atk/spd

i know draconic aura has low SP and so does desperation, but i don’t really want to go the galeforce route. i can, it’s just another 5* to sacrifice and i’m already chewing my nails thinking about sacrificing my extra fbyleth for her fury & wrath.

is there anything i should modify? any other routes i should go for? i like him as sort of the ultimate non-magic glass canon.

G Duel Infantry for the A slot, Chill Atk for the B and another Chill for the Seal.

For general play…

Basilikos (LnD)
Life and Death 3/4
Shield Pulse
Whatever C
Flashing Blade 3