+10 Roy Build

Here’s the build rn, had this boi in the works for a long long time. B Skill used to be Chill Def, but figured as long as I was getting rid of Say’ri for KS3 I might as well inherit close call as well. Debating switching his refine for a stat boost. Thoughts?


If you do, definitely go all in on Spd. Get a +Spd boon and go for a Spd refine.

For reference, the team I usually run him with:
+10 SS B! Lucina (Who’s also Roy’s support partner)

+4 B! Ike

+10 SS Faye (who I may make a separate build thread about later)

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Speed is everything I see :racing_car:

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Personally I’d go with a spd boon and keep qr3 refine to ensure your double on ep.

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Ye I’d switch to spd boon. But QR is still good, works against wary-like effects and Impacts which can be common. Otherwise looks pretty good :feh_flaynsmile: