+10 Signature Dish and Skill Choice

I’ve completed my second ever +10 seasonal and she’s glorious. 244 orbs got me the last 4 copies I needed making it about 1500 over the 3 runs of the banner for her which I consider to be pretty good.

I like her working mixed phase like that with Bold Fighter allowing her to destroy so much on player phase and attack staking to one-shot back on enemy phase.

The question is her A skill; Mirror Stance 3 or Sturdy Stance 3?

I use the twins a lot in AR (I’m only T20 and not trying for more so don’t judge) and looking at the mass dual didn’t help me choose.

I was also trying to +10 her sister. She had been +5 and even with 162 orbs beyond what got me all my Flora, she only reached +6. Well, maybe next year.


I feel like Sturdy Stance would be better than Mirror Stance since her Res is already pretty high. Especially since she can’t do anything about melee fighters and Dragons.


Congrats on finishing her! She will be extremely helpful to deal with FEdelgard!

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