10 summoning tickets

Weren’t we supposed to get 10 summoning tickets today? What happened to them?


Not even the summon tickets; we also didn’t get those fous as well. I looked over the compensation materials, the silver apples weren’t listed iirc. Is DW ■■■■■■■ us over again?

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Yeah I did not get anything from it

Neither did I…

Yeah, got nothing on my end as well.

They’ve seemed to have changed the distribution date:

“Will vary by user”


(Added on November 20th)

  • The compensation items will be distributed to each individual user as the appropriate login bonus is calculated.
    As such, the precise timing of distribution will vary by user.
    We apologize for any inconvenience.

Mine just came in! Try restarting the app.

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Maybe restart the app as someone suggested?

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Mine were there about 10- 15mins ago so yeah maybe just try restarting every now and then.


There is a delay. We will get them, it depends on when you got yours and junk. I got mine, several others theirs, you all will surely get yours.

I got nothing. I think they forgot about it.

I restarted and got em.

This is a nice starting gift to my new Gil.

Like everyone else says. Restart.


I restarted like 5 times and nothing before I decided to give it a rest. Came back the next hour and finally the gifts had arrived.

I got them