+10 Tanith and Help Deciding Next Feather Drain

In my eternal efforts to burn feathers before they hit the cap, I’ve now got Tanith to +10.

Hopefully can get a Thorr in August for Flow Guard which will allow her to safely initiate on and double most things. Spd/Def Rein is probably the C skill I hope will show up at some point, come on off focus Jill.

Now, next projects. I’m at 958k having been grudgingly using 3* copies of Tanith and wasting 2k each go and need to burn off some more.
They’re all just for fun, not for any mode and made using what fodder I have or could realistically get.


With a little Atk support she can bait, survive and kill a +10 Fallen Edelgard which is good going. Nothing better for the C skill unfortunately.
My only +10 green tomes are Rhajat and Orochi so she would be a new movement type.
On the downside, I have her 4 star +10 with her prf so those feathers just give her 2 more points in each stats.


Copying the build of a Lukas I met in area a while back who totally walled my entire physical team. Built purely to have huge Def and be unkillable in one round and no matter what phase this build sees combat, assuming you’re doubled, it ends with a huge Ignis charged and ready that little can survive. Although I don’t have the tier 4 Ideal and would need to use my last Gatrie manual for the spear.

I have plenty +10 lances but only Athena is also in the slow with big Def category. Another plus for her is I have actually played her game unlike everyone else on this list and I do like her. Although she is another 4 star +10.


She’s currently 3rd in line for the demote refine slot so I would wait for that to build her but she will no doubt be better than Setsuna who I have already built. Kind of fell for her summer alt a little so hope she’ll get something good.
Maybe a risk merging her before her prf is known. They’re not doing a demote every month anymore so it could be 5 months before she comes round and that’s assuming they go in order.


… oh she’s blue Tanith.
But I have none of that to give her. Honestly, she’s a candidate purely because I love her boots.

Loot at how gorgeous they are!

But seriously, I have +10 Cordelia who has nearly the same attack but with the brave effect and already has Heavy Blade 4 and Dive-Bomb so I don’t think Marcia’s really adding anything. Could go for a fast tank build but not sure about that idea.

Cath is also an intended projected but I have a grand total of 3 copies so far. That’s not using up many feathers.

None of them stand above the others to me but something has to happen to those feathers so who should it be? Feel free to share any better build ideas. Baring in mind I’m on a budget for skills.

  • Cecilia
  • Oboro
  • Norne
  • Marcia
  • Give out a load of Aether and Galeforce

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I vote Cecilia, she’s a very reliable hard counter for many common units, and the effective damage is convenient in many cases. She’s also good for Binding Blade battles, how are your BB barracks doing?

I’m considering Close Reversal for her, but she usually faces dragons mostly in Arena, where I use GDC4 anyway. Maybe for AA I will.


Binding Blade is one of my weakest barracks line ups consist of 6 usable units, unmerged S!Idunn, B!Shanna, Guinevere and B!Catria with +10 Echidna and Fae. Having a better invested in ranged cavalry unit would certainly help there so that is a plus for going with her.


I second Cecilia

She has been one of my most reliable units since I +10ed her

IS just loves pumping out tons of crazy strong blue and colorless units which has caused her to age extremely well. I have almost exactly the same build as this one, but I use a +Atk IV. Giving her Close Foil from a Julian I got on a Remix banner has been one of the best things I’ve ever done; she can solo some maps with it because it’s not uncommon for a map to be stacked with only blue and colorless


I choose Cecilia because sometimes when I screw up my line up she does a lot of damage to my colorless units during offense. A well invested one can be dangerous, and this is really impressive for a Gen 1 unit.

This month alone I have hit the cap nine times. I simply am not interested in the general pool. Maybe when resplendent Effie comes out I will build her, but for now, no.


That really is my biggest problem with the game now. Characters I like are all already +10 aside from a few who would just be clones of someone else already there and we only get 10 or so demotes a year so its unlikely any are of interest. I continue to hope for a mass demote of the 4* special pool, drop everyone up to CYL1 down to 3/4 star to start with and I’d have a dozen projects and be excited for the chance of them appearing when summoning.
As the poll stands, I’ll be +10ing a lady I don’t know from a game I’ve never played because I need to do something to avoid wasting resources.


I 4th (5th by now?) Cecilia.

Refined, lull Atk/Res and QR seal and she can kill +10 F!Edel.

But aside from that, she’s is a HARD counter against all blue units out there. Never underestimate the bulk a 40% Atk reduction truly gives you.


That would be a great idea for the casual player base. But keep dreaming since IntSys will never do this since they think that the revival banners are enough. I would have at least 5 projects to focus on at full investment if that indeed happens.

I have the same problem. If I don’t like the character I can’t attach myself to them and invest at full. I know that Young Innes is a great F2P unit but I cannot bring myself to finish him because I simply dislike how vibrant is the color choice of his outfit. I know it sounds petty but he doesn’t click on me like, say, Brave Lyn, who has a crappy refine for today’s standards but I simply prefer her, and if she wasn’t locked she would be +10 a long time ago.


Cecilia is a great choice . And don’t forget she’s got Flying Effectiveness!


I pick Oboro out of Bias


Cecilia, just because I like her.


With nearly two thirds of the vote, looks like I’m building Cecilia. Thanks for the steer, all.