100% AM. Any use case other than trophy?


Lucky enough to catch a 100% AM2, but wonder any use case other than trophy. My gameplay is primarily raid and then gym. Thanks.

In your case, probably not. Armored Mewtwo is only really useful in PvP.

If you’re looking to PvP, Armored Mewtwo has strong potential in both the Ultra and Masters Leagues. As an attacker for raids/gyms, you’ll want to look elsewhere, as its 182 base attack holds it back. For comparison’s sake, Lugia makes for a better attacker than Armored Mewtwo, and it also has more bulk.

It’ll look pretty in your collection :joy:
For being raid oriented that’s all it has going for it. My hundo Cresselia and Deoxys-D are in the same boat.

*perfect is what you mean

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Eh, potato po-hundo :^)