100 days in and I need advice on distributing mats

I created account a couple of weeks before Honnouji event and since then I’ve managed to get decent amount of good and awesome servants. The problem is in lack of mats (especially secret gems) and therefore I want to plan some order for leveling servants and their skills. Currently I want to level up Kintoki ASAP because he looks like a way to blast through Solomon singularity at ease. Idk how to make skill levels visible in spirit origin list but my best progress is on Mash 10/3/3 and Hans 10/8/8

I forgot to mention that I’m planning to buy quartz only for paid gacha and that I’m certain about saving all tickets and quartz for Ryougi Shiki (Saber) and therefore this roster will be expanded with free/welfare servants only

If you want to show the skill levels, go to the Skill Enhancement page. When you’re selecting the Servant there, the skill levels will be displayed on their icons.

As for which skills to prioritize…

Mash first, definitely. She’ll carry you through just about everything with her amazing defensive skills and NP.

Next, having a great Support Servant means being able to pick a Support DPS from your friend list rather than picking a support-type to help your DPS (which may be lacking or underwhelming at this time). So Tamamo and Hans would be great choices alongside Mash.

After that, you’ll want at one AoE and one ST Servant per class to cover your bases. AoE for farming and mob clearing, and ST for boss killing. Gil is a bit of an exception since he can play the role of ST damage dealer despite his AoE NP. I don’t like the guy but credit where it’s due, he’s an excellent Servant.

Once you have your bases covered, pick whoever else you want. Lots of the low rarity Servants are quite fun to play around with, which is a good thing to experiment with since you only plan to spend on the GSSR. Some of them can even do things that the SR and SSRs can’t, though the lower stats make it more challenging to use them.

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there’s a lot I could say, but aside from all the above, definitely max out arash’s last skill once you get it

for the most part though, you can just focus on getting skills to 6 at most and wait for the next lotto (nerofest in eta early september) to go further beyond that

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very high culture saving right here

mainly looking forward to fujino for the rerun myself, but I’d not complain at all about her showing up in my rolls

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I personally don’t use Arash all that much, mainly because I lack the CEs that enable most of the 3T farming memes. The best I have is Imaginary Element, non-MLB. That means Arash can’t first turn NP, even with his skill at L10, without using a charge skill from another servant.

Now, I do have both Merlin and Waver, so yeah, with the plugsuit and since I do have a few copies of IE, I could do it–put them on the DPS, charge 2 of them with Merlin the first turn, swap Waver, Stella, charge the rest of them with Waver for turns 2 and 3… (actually could use any CE with a 50% charge on one of the DPS for that, or even 30% as long as they are in the first turn charge from Merlin).

But I can do that without Arash having L10 skill even, so to me it’s not yet worth the mats and QP to do that. And all of the above takes more effort than just charging NP on wave 1 and nuking waves 2 and 3 for most farming, at least to me. The only advantage of getting Arash to L10 right now is that I could use just one of Waver’s charges to do the job.

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Roight, first got to say I am legit jealous of golden boy Gilgamesh. People generally swear by him whenever he can be pointed at an enemy Servant-type with his nuke primed. The couple weak points he has you got easily covered: stickpeople via Souji and Suzu, the couple rulers you’ll come across can easily be deleted by a borrowed avi. No particular need to raise either doggo or Mainyu for those occasions, although the former would be the more solid choice.

Now, without knowing your mat-situation, I would suggest heeding the advice of raising skills to 6 at most. With your 5*, even 4/4/4 would be plenty for them to perform well. Among 3* and below, try and raise Georg to Max, he’ll be excellent for tanking damage together with Eon. Should FP finally yield Leon to you, he’ll be able to do that and boost a good number of your buster-heavy crew to boot once you’ve done his rank-up q.

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If you have IEs to spare, then you don’t even need plugsuit to use Arash for farming. Waver’s 2nd skill + Arash’s 3rd skill will get you the 100% you need, letting you save Waver’s 3rd skill for, say, Spartacus and another Servant.

Course, unless they have their own battery skill, you could be missing 10% without using an IE on them as well, depends on how you setup your party. Kind of the frustrating part when thinking up relatively cheap 3 turn farming setups against a bunch of Lancers since you either can’t rely on Arash or have to use up Waver’s 3rd skill to get him to clear Wave 1.

It’s just to me, it’s not worth thinking about 3T farming when the first wave is easy-peasy. My 4-6 turn farming takes maybe a minute longer, and since I can’t stand tons of rote farming, that’s not going to make a big difference to me.

I didn’t think about Spartacus because I haven’t bothered with him. He seems too niche for farming only that he hasn’t been a priority.

you could also just use the mage’s association np charge skill

I mean those extra 2-3 turns add up fast when you’re repeating the same node hundreds of thousands of times

If I did that, you might be right. But I really can’t stand such repetitive farming, so for the most part, a couple of apples is about all I can take. Which is why I have over 200 of them, have used very few dumplings (or rice balls last time), didn’t farm the Solomon raids. didn’t farm out the lotteries at Christmas, etc. I think I have the stamina to at least get all the mats in these events, and that will have to do.

I haven’t checked answers for a while. Thank you all for your opinions, now I’ve got the general idea of 1 usable ST and 1 usable AOE in each class + supports.

Lvl up Orion and I’m done here. She has x/6/x skills so she’s doing fine already.
Lvl up Suzuka, she already has 6/2/6 skills and I’m even planning to grail here to lvl 90.
Idk about ST servant since I like jaguar warrior more than Cu but I have some progress on Cu. Also jaguar seems more damage oriented than Cu and that’s a plus imo.
Hector as AOE, he’s somewhat ok already and he’ll become even better.
Welfare Scathatch from the upcoming event and Jing Ke since Serenity turned out to be worse than I expected.
Idk about AOE 3* casters since they don’t seem to be good at all but Medea as ST 3* is a solid choice.
Also I need to upgrade 1st and 3rd skills of Tamamo to lvl 6 at least.
Do I need to upgrade 1st skill of Shakespeare for nuking with other servant’s buster NP? He’s nowhere near to Merlin but it seems like a reasonable investment.
I’m good there as soon as Kintoki hits lvl80
Chacha is urgh fine I guess and NP3 Ibaraki 6/3/4 is damn good already.
I honestly don’t even know if I really need them. Avenger of Shinjuku seems like a good ST dedicated damage dealer though.

As for 3T farming, I’m almost good at it since I have 2 kaleidoscopes and I will be able to charge up Gil and Arash NPs (even medusa and Astolfo someday) without any inconvenience and bring 3rd support servant with kaleidoscope.

P.S. To Mugi’s words about high culture saving: Shiki is love Shiki is life. Especially that 5* version from 8th movie, my god she’s awesome!