100 orbs of luck, 300 orbs of pain

So Faye’s weekly revival came around and I wanted to get a few merges as mine was +3. The first 100 orbs were top tier luck.
1 Faye normally, a 4 star special Hector, and

2 Fayes through the 4 star special rate, so I got to keep my earlier pity rate.
So I dumped another 300 orbs into the banner.
I went up to 7.67% and got

After that I climbed back up to 6% and got

Then I got another pity breaker after trying to climb back up

At this point most people would give up but I wanted at least 1 more Faye, so I kept going and

And finally I went back up to 5% and on my last circle I grabbed 2 more Fayes.

Final results for my Faye:

I am a bit sad that I was unable to complete her but at least I got a far share of really good fodder. Getting both close and distant counter, an ideal, and null follow up. It just hurt to go up to almost 8% and not get a focus.
Hopefully she can a resplendent soon but for now I’ll just get back to saving my orbs for the future.


At least this is good


I swear this game gives you more heroes earlier so you keep spending and then gives you less stuff