10m download ticket

Which servant should i pick from 10m ticket,
Right now my servant are:

I’m thinking about picking emiya cuz i don’t have any good archer

This sentence is incorrect in any context


If you want a farming Archer, Emiya would be fine, yes.

But the ticket is a good opportunity to get otherwise difficult to pull servants (aka story locked). Considering you have both Tamamo and Caster Gil, Emiya Alter would be a great choice.

Tristan is also a very solid pick. His damage can be lackluster since he has no way to buff himself, and it’ll still take a while until Skadi is available. However, his utility can more than make up for his lack of damage (all that said, David can fill his role just fine).

Do note both of them are Single Target, as opposed to original Emiya who is AoE. Therefore, they’ll shine against bosses but have subpar performance when farming.

Other generally good choices are Helena (teamwide NP battery, but she needs a lot of investment), Lancer Alter (strong AoE NP for farming + insane crits to beat bosses. You already have very good lancers tho’), Nitocris (potent NP charge and high death chance for quick farming).

Usually it would be recomended 4*s you cant be spooked for; of those: You can pick from archers Tristan as ST Quick, or Emiyalter as ST Arts.

If you realy want a AOE Archer for farming, EMIYA is better than Atalante. But you better leveling him in one go, as his pre-strengtening quest skills are lackluster, so is his NP pre-interlude.

Level Scath Assassin, as she’s is going to be your only good AOE Assassin for a REALLY long time, unless you get luck in Shuuten or Cleopatra banners. Max only the 3rd skill, other 2 are skippable.

Max Herc, as he gets the bulk of his power in his last 20 levels. Try to Bond 10 him for the CE. Prioritize first skill, the dmg steroid.

David has excellent skills, try to level him a little, by the way. If resources are few, at least to over 30, for the AOE evade to save from AOE NP from bosses.

LOL He already has Shuten XD
Since you have good ST lancers, you probably need a good AoE lancer. In that aspect, I would recommend Lancer Altria Alter. She can make your life a lot easier. Or you can go for an Archer. Both Emiyas are really good options also.