11 days in to the game and I am lost

So I just started Dragalia Lost a few days ago (08-Feb) I’ve been wanting to play this game since launched but I didn’t had the time and chance. Until recently. So far it was smooth progress but with the MH Event, everything was happening so fast, trying to catch up to clear the trials (but I failed to complete G***** and Advanced Dreadking Rathalos)

Right now I’m kind of lost on what to do or how to progress. (Running out of Stamina all the time)

TL:DR: I hope anyone can throw a bone or some guide how to move forward as well as to which Team Comp to have from the current Adventurers I have.

Campaign Progress: Chapter 8 (Hard)

Highest Might: 20,609 Euden, SMari, Annellie, Lowen

Level: 94

Halidom - level 7.
Dragontree - level 10.
Smithy - level 9 maxed.
Mines - all level 13 atm.
Elemental Tower (Set 1) - all level 35 maxed.
Elemental Tower (Set 2) - all level 15 atm.
Dojo (Set 1) - all level 15 atm.
Dojo (Set 2) - all level 5 atm.
Dracoliths - all level 5 atm.

As for my team goes… I tried my best to group them to work in runs, but I’m not sure if I can follow the Tier System from Gamepress and Gamepedia. (I mostly have T3 to T5 Adventurers, and maybe a 1 or 2 T1/T1.5/T2s)

Euden 80 (50MC, +200), SMaribelle 80 (45MC), Xania 80 (45MC), Aoi 70 (40MC), VEzelith 70 (40MC), Joe 70 (40MC), Renelle 70 (40MC)

Aurien, Serena, VOrion, Marty, Laxi, Alain, Sinoa

Ellisane 80 (46MC), Xander 80 (45MC), Orsem 70 (40MC), Karina 70 (40MC), Thaniel 70 (40MC), Nurse Aileen 70 (40MC), Waike 60 (30MC)

Jardin, Jurota, Renee, Luther, Pietro, Rex, Cibella, Jakob, Ricardt

Lowen 80 (50MC, +200), WEllisane 80 (45MC, +100), WXania 70 (40MC), Ku Hai 70 (40MC), VMelody 70 (40MC, +50), Ranzal 70 (40MC), Joachim 70 (40MC)

Musashi, Melody, Francesca, Johanna, Eleonora, Philia, Nicolas, Sophie

Annellie 80 (45MC), Odetta 70 (40MC), Fleur 70 (40MC), SLuca 70 (40MC), Hope 60 (30MC), Ryozen 70 (40MC), Estelle 60 (30MC)

Raemond, Irfan, Linus, Malka, Luca, Malora, Xiao Lei

Shadow: VAddis 80 (46MC), Durant 70 (40MC), Alex 70 (40MC), Orion 70 (40MC), Kleiman 70 (40MC), Cleo 70 (40MC), Taro 60 (30MC)

Rodrigo, Vida, Vice, Erik, Zace, Norwin, Althemia, Edward


Dreadking Rathalos
Rathalos MUB
Ifrit 3UB
Phoenix 3UB
Brunhilda MUB

Leviathan 2UB
Vodyanoy MUB
Vodyanoy 2UB
Poli Ahu 1UB
Mercury MUB

Zephyr 2UB
Stribog MUB
Roc 1UB
Midgarsormr MUB

Lindworm MUB
Unicorn MUB Unicorn 3UB
Jupiter MUB

Silke 3UB
Juggernaut 2UB
Zodiark MUB

Basically, if I’m not mistaken, my weakest comp is Light and Shadow, so-so for Water and Fire. Meanwhile Wind is what I frequently use.

So far for my Wind Team, I have done HMC and Poseidon. And for Water Team just the Chimaera. (The Mushroom and Knight is also done, but I can’t defeat the green pig and the two golems. The rest of the void – didn’t had a chance to win at all too)

  1. Is there any Banner that has higher rates for Healers? I certainly lack for the other elements on this part. I do have available ones, but I’m unsure how to build the Healers above.
  2. Should I start farming equipments now for trying the High Dragons? Or should I stick to completing the Campaigns for now? (H and VH)
  3. At what point should I start building weapons?
  4. I’d like some tips on team composition as well, I wanna try the other Voids as well…

P.S. I was able to successfully get all available Weapons from the MH Event Trade as well as the 5 weapon rewards from the Rathalos Trials.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Do all the Campaign on Easy first, then move to Hard and Very Hard.
Get the mines and the dragonfruit facilities maxed, you’ll want those to build up resources.

Tierlists are kind of a wash, it’s basically who’s usable for what.

Try and get to a point where you can do the void dragons, for some of them that will mean you need to do the golems.

Unfortunately, there aren’t class-specific rate-ups. VHilde is up right now, but people have mostly been using HLowen (limited). Verica is still great. For Wind, it’s basically Lowen. Water has a 5* healer, otherwise use Nurse Aeleen or Thaniel. Light has a good (but old) healer in Hildegarde, and nobody else has really come close, but people have been using Cupid’s heal instead. Dark doesn’t even have second-string healers in lower rarities, you’re stuck with Hienwald or SVerica (neither of which I have).

For HDTs, the void weapons are generally the go-to entry point, so void dragons.

Build weapons whenever you need to; as you progress, the materials you need to make the lower * weapons becomes trivial.
If you can beat the Chimera, its weapons are all better than your craftable alternatives, though you’ll need to build a couple as a prereq.

Void Posiedon, Zephyr, and Nidhogg don’t require their mechanic-countering weapons to do, but it might be good to use them for a few fights so you can get used to the patterns. Zephyr and Nid require that you don’t get hit if you’re not using the weapon.
For Agni it’s required and Jannu it’s highly recommended. Agni you need it to negate the melee-range DoT, while range needs it to bypass a skill damage reduction. Jannu basically has the Manticores’ gimmick while also taking less damage.
You can basically take anyone who is immune to that boss’s status affliction. (I’d recommend Euden, Xander/Aeleen, Welly, Annellie/Fleur. I don’t have VAddis, so I can’t comment on his effectiveness for VJannu. Alex should work.)
Teams usually go with a 2 DPS/1 buffer/1 healer comp, though that can change in multiplayer depending on the content. Against light, people will try and force 4 Gala Cleo; against dark, they’ve been using 3-4 DPS with Cupid instead of having a healer, and light only recently got a dedicated buffer.
In basically all fire/wind/water content you’ll see the normal composition. Notable exceptions are V.Agni, where it’s usually 3 DPS/1 healer for easier matchmaking, and Volk where the buffer (Emma) is a flex slot that depends on the status resistances of the other units.
HMS has been pretty fluid recently because of the fire Mana Spirals, you can do 3 DPS/1 healer. You’ll want to be ranged until you get how to bait though. the might check on public rooms is a pain though.
HBH is -I believe- Hunter Sarisse (DPS/breakbot), Gala Elly (buffer), flex slot, healer; with variance to older comps (Lily, Orsem, either Celery).
HMC was some combination of 1-2 WEllys, Victor, Noelle, and Lowen before Kirsty and Joachim released, not sure about the meta now.
HJP is either 4x Gleos or whatever four mana spiral units want to do it.
HZD is 4x DPS/breakbot because of everyone carrying Cupid heals, though recently it’s been just the GEuden with Cupid. Gala Euden, Fleur/Mitsuhide, DyMalora, and Gala Luca are usually the picks.
So, Xania is safe to keep working on, Elly is always good or Thaniel, Lowen (complicated) or WElly, wait for dark Chimera, and Fleur, if you had to jump into HDTs right this second.

The MH event weapons are going to be fine for now, but will be outclassed as you make elemental weapons. Prioritize the elemental 5* weapons you got.
Void -> HDT = chimera -> eHDT -> mHDT
Volk is a little harder than standard HDT, expert Volk is harder than eHDT. use your first time rewards from him to make the facility in treasure trade, not the weapons.
Also only use damascus bars on HDT weapons.

Thank you napras-sword. I mean, just WOW! Big thanks for the detailed response. I took note of every tip you have that I could manage as of this moment with I have.

Facility wise, I am continuously upgrading lower level ones to at least 11. Then make Set 1 to max.

Thank goodness a void event just came in time, I was able to experience all available ones for today. So far Chimaera and Poseidon are the ones I can manage in coop. Nice people didn’t kick me out. Hahaha.

For the Zephyr, Agni, Jannu, and Nidhogg, I’ll look into building the weapons required to progress later in the game.

So if I understood right, the Chimaeratech weapons are my target to build my team for HDT. – I’ll progress on this with at least one character per element (for co-op). I think HDT can be difficult to solo unless I have fully build my team.

I’m also working on doing the chapters daily so the progress is also smooth so far.

Lastly, I was able to save a good 5k Wyrmite for 50 pulls from this Void Event. Should I go for the Dragon Showcase or save it for the upcoming Gala? (Sadly the free 10 pulls from the version update is gonna be available when the Dragon Showcase is going to end after maintenance.)

Again, thank you for taking time to look into my post and responding.

Actually they made a schedule that every day there’s at least one void battle with double rewards, so that’s something you can spend your getherwings on day-to-day.

Chimera weapons have really high attack (and might) and their passives work perfectly with (against) the way the HDTs work. We technically don’t know if the other elements will have different passives yet, but the opening HP check means you’ll always have an attack boost from your weapon going.
One character per element, yes. I wouldn’t try soloing HDTs until you’re pretty familiar with the mechanics.

I can’t tell you who to roll for. From what I can tell, the current valentine’s units aren’t super meta, though VHilde is nice to have. The original valentine’s units might show up again (VOrion, VEzelith, VHilde), but the new 5*s might not. It’s up to you.
If you like the monster hunter units, roll for them. They probably won’t show up again.
If you don’t have a specific goal, it’s always recommended to wait for a Gala.
also a 10-roll is 1200, so you need 6k for 50 rolls.

I just completed a few of the void quests and made a Chimaeratech Concerto (Ebon, the new one), slapped it in VAdis. It was sooooo gooood. Thanks for the tip on this.

I did a 5 x10 pulls. And on the 5th got a Siren. Along with 2 Stribog, a Unicorn (my gawd it’s my 8th time getting her) and Juggernaut.

Since I got my Jagg to MUB, I removed Epimetheus from VAdis. A Shinobi would have been nice though. Hahaha.

The Bow was really expensive. You were indeed right about it. Had to craft a prerequisite.