1169 orbs vs blues on February Legendary banner

Goal was 6 Julias to finish her. Chroms and Azuras were safety nets which is why I was fine dipping all the orbs. From what the gacha offered, I may become one of “those” people next time. :feh_azura:

(plus a third Julia as the last pull who isn’t part of the screenshot)
I was 9 orbs away from hitting the 99th percentile for the FIRST Chrom (861/~870 orbs). He wasn’t my main target but oof.

I’m a little sad that I wont see Julia at +10 with bonus stats in AR when she rolls in the AR bonus rotation very soon, but still looking forward to those weeks even at +7. :feh_ardenwoke:

Cursed "content" image


14% :feh_ohgod:


Yeesh pity rateimage

You did get some Julia at least so it’s not really THAT bad


I think the results are fine. Its far better than a cursed timeline like very little blues or whatever.


RIP :frowning:

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I finally got what the picture meant :man_facepalming:

I’ve only posted it 50 times

What did you think it means?

What does it mean because I don’t know

I might have an idea but I don’t want to sound stupid

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It’s the f key so it means f

Ah, yeah not what I was thinking at all

Well it’s F major key

But I also post F minor. What do you think of that

I’ll be honest I’m not a music person so I have no idea.

But if it had been math though :feh_royyes:

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I’m not gonna act like I know what f minor looks like

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So it’s basically a flat major

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Yeah a flat major and f minor are practically the same thing. Also d minor is also f major


Let’s see if anyone gets this :feh_legion:


But Shinx do you actually know what it means?

f prime? :feh_legion: