13-15-15 Gible worth evolving?

I have a 13-15-15 Gible, PVPoke says that the only battle it loses with this IV that a hundo with the same attacks and same level does is the mirror match. Not sure if it’s worth evolving, or what the lowest IV is that lets a 15 attack garchy win the same amount as a hundo.

If you can an will use it it is worth evolving!

Honestly, I think you’ll be fine using the 13/15/15, especially if you’re planning to max it out. In PvE, you likely wouldn’t notice any difference in performance between it and one with 15 attack. In PvP, a Garchomp mirror match isn’t anywhere near as common as, say, a Dialga mirror match. And since you don’t need to worry about not hitting a critical breakpoint on your quick move (like you would with Dialga), it should be fine in PvP as well.

My personal advice is this: wait until the event ends, on the off-chance you happen to get a better one. And if not, cherish your 96%! :grin:

P.S. Garchomp is a lot of fun to use!

If you need a Garchomp right now there is no reason not to evolve one just because you’ll lose the mirror match. You’re hung up on one possible scenario out of hundreds.

Winning CMP in mirrors is mostly applicable in lead positions anyway. No 15 attack, just have it in the back

Hahaha, i have this and works.

It has 8/14/10 but it is fine i think. Not the best for power up

I dont have worries beceuses its IVs, because mirrors match depends a lot more of baiting :frowning:

Would evolve it as well. Except you are about to catch another 300 and then it doesn’t matter anyway cause you will have enough candies for the next one ;)

I was planning on running MS/OR/EQ for when shields are down, but Garchomp has no legacy moves so it’s always tm-able.

Could be that there is a community day end of the year or beginning of next year, but even if, there will be so much candy that evolving this one now won’t hurt… Or you save it for a potential CD move, but the moves are already ok I think. Earth Power could maybe come or DB, but I guess nothing too extraordinary

Draco meteor and dragon rush are also possible, firefang would be lame, dragon rush would be a new attack for any Pokémon.

13-15-15 Garchomp is essentially perfect except for losing CMP in the mirror. The only relevant breakpoints and bulkpoints that I know of are in ML with Melmetal and Dialga matchups. With 13+ attack you guarantee the 6 dmg mud shot against Melmetal. And with 14+ defense you reach a bulkpoint vs Dialga’s dragon breath, however if the Dialga is best buddied (likely) you will have to best buddy the Chomp too to maintain that bulkpoint.

My dialga will probably be my master league best buddy most of time, but I have several others and am working on more. It would be nice if the buddy boost was always active,not just when buddied,I don’t think it would be too op…

The differences are extremely minor in most situations.

But unless you have a pressing need for it right now, I’d advise you to hold off on evolving it until there is a Gible Community Day, and see what the move is going to be. Or until you have a pressing need. I’ve got a Hundo that is waiting for a CD before I evolve it all the way up for just this reason (I use it now for the “Power Up a Pokemon X times” tasks, and walked it as a Buddy until Best Friends, but that’s it), and I’ve got another 2 that are 91%+ that are also waiting for a CD move.

But if that’s not important to you (and who knows what we’ll get with the moves - maybe we’ll get Draco Meteor, and I’ll have sat on 3 great Gibles for a year for no good reason), then the 13/15/15 is going to be a beast and well worth the investment right now.