13th Interlude Campaign

Sherlock and Reines get Skill Upgrades. Interlude Quartz for Sigurd, QSH, Lakshmi Bai, and William Tell.

Sherlock: 1st Skill has the added effect of giving the enemy team a (10-20%) Arts Resist Down Debuff for 3 turns
Reines: 3rd Skill has the added effect of giving the target ally (10-20%) NP gauge.



please be good :pray:


Ngl but even Sigurd could have used a skill upgrade too but oh well I’m happy Reines got a skill upgrade atleast :fgo_medusalily:


Reines just joined the 50% NP charge club. Noice.

Zhuge Liang: Damn you Sima Yi, must you take everything away from me?!
Cheng Gong: Well I don’t see a problem here


It looks like Sherlock’s 1st skill also gives the enemy team a 10-20% Arts Resist Down debuff for 3 turns and Reines’ 3rd skill gets a 10-20% NP battery.


You mean Art resistance down debuff


I can see myself trying to get Sherlock again in two years with this banner and failing once more :fgo_jeannu: Skill upgrade or not.

FGO gets its third 50% external charger, Chen Gong smiles.

Now I wait for translations of William Tell’s interlude. Also as expected no NP buff from DW when Tell really needs one.



Art res debuff for my Sherlock. Even more good for art teams.

And combo art res down Sessoyin / Sherlock.

YES! :smiley:

My Sessoin wet noodle np1 gets stronger thanks to debuffs


Reines upgrade is nice. Still, her class alone makes her a supbar support.
But it’s getting better.

As for Lakshmibai I hoped for a Quick-buff or an NP-Upgrade. Well… I’ll take the SQ then.

Damn. Isn’t that huge for reines?
she has a 50 percent charge in better distrtibution to waver (20/20/10 as compared to 30/10/10). And She gives 40 percent attack up for 3 T as compared to wavers 30 percent. Doesn’t that means she has replaced waver completely in farming comps?
and even for CQs is she better at supporting zerks like kintoki? is this an indirect buff for kintoki by dw??

Even if they can both provide at least 50% NP gauge I’d rate Waver higher for two reasons though those becomes less relevant provided the player has K-scopes and/or suitable servants.
The first is that his attack buff is teamwide.
The second is that two of his skills are teamwide so he provides 10% more in total.
Reines 10x2, 20, 20=60
Waver 10x2,10x2, 30=70

That extra 10% gauge can permit the use of a better offensive CEs for example picking Aerial Drive instead of Imaginary Element for the Wave 2 clearer.
Depending on the node it can reduce RNG/difficulty and Spartacus is a prime example.
With a maxed AD and skills a Waver buff will cause an average NP damage of 64k but using a maxed IE deals a mere 35k.
Right now damage benchmarks are low (with some exceptions) but in later LB the free quests enemies are getting beefier, LB4 for instance has a bunch of 40-53k waves of different classes.

For routine farming teams I feel that Waver is better but Reines attack buff makes her appealing in teams where you can concentrate on one servant (such as NP looping).

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Holy Sh** This buff basically kicks Waver out of the looping teams. I guess it would also Give those zerks a better support with reines. Too bad she still eats tons of stars.


I don’t get that equation.
Let’s say you have two wave clearers. One of them get’s the full 50 %. The other still has only 20 %.
So with a CE like Aerial Drive it’s 70 %. Or 95 % with IE.
The way I understand it, Waver gives a total of 90 % and Reines 70 %, but I assume you didn’t account for the supports thenselves.
Still, the way I see it you’ll need another battery to ensure the NP for a possible second DPS. Like you said Spartacus for example.
True, ofc, but I don’t see how that lifts him so much higher than Reines.

It was such a good time to give Sigurd a star absorb, dw… Oh well, life goes on…



Pumped for this Sherlock upgrade :fgo_anchin_sama:


While Reines’ buff is amazing I don’t think it makes her better than Waver. I would say it puts them at the same level. Plus Waver is still a little more flexible than Reines, mostly because of their NPs. Unless you’re using Berserkers, Waver’s NP will still be more universally useful than Reines’ NP. It depends on the situation which is better.

I admit that I was a bit vague.
Yup, I ignored the NP gauge they provide to themselves.
For farming that only comes into play if there is a spare K-scope or in Reines case a MLB.

My example with AD assumed they had a self battery.
It depends on the servant so someone with a large 30% like Arash/Spartacus would require just a 50% CE.
On the other hand if they haven’t got a battery but hits hard enough like Fran then she’d be fine with a non-mlb K-scope.

Gilfest might be a good example for my thoughts.
This is a valid non-gacha team and it should work for one round this year and next.

Paracelsus(50 ce), Arash (AD), Spartacus (event CE), Waver, Shakespeare
Paracelsus: 50(CE)+55 (battery)
Arash: 50(CE)+30(battery)+20(waver)
Spartacus: 30(battery)+50(Waver)+20(shakespeare)

A team like this is beyond Reines capabilities.
For Nerofest/Gilfest the most available option to clearing the final wave is relying on Spartacus and he requires the full 50%.

The reason I rate her lower is that she isn’t as flexible as Waver.
You either need MLB K-scopes, servants with batteries or a secondary np gauge provider.
The problem with additional teamwideNP providers are that they are rare and the more accessible options will drop the damage output.
There are 3 that comes to mind:
Chen Gong, has only a 10% gauge so wouldn’t work for this example.
Asclepius has a 20% but 0% offensive benefits, downside is that he is storylocked.
Helena(SR ticket) has a 20% battery but only a 20% buff so in this case a drop by almost 20% buster compared to Shakespeare in this example.


So Reines now is a literal Waver Rider, neat! I think that someone is going to be overworked now