14ML DL Campaign

In your opinion, will it start around the 23 of August (Since Summer Event ends on 22)

or will we get a dead week and it will start on September?

I am unsure. I think we skipped maybe a banner this year (was it [Fate/EXTELLA LINK Release Commemoration Campaign ? )

So, maybe they will put the banner at the end of Summer Event and 14ML will start on September ?

I REALLY doubt we will ever get the Extella Link banner…

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I doubt it too, but i’m trying to rationalize all possible scenarios leading to not having 14ML Campaign around 23 August

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I forgot about this banner, well i’m out of SQs anyway.

Thank god Martha has a rate up on christmas too.

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I’m really waiting for this 14 ML DL Campaign.

I’ve got 43 Rank ups done so far, for a total of 83 SQZ. Added to the free 10 Tickets + 5 from shop, and considering that with login sqz i’ll go from 83 to 90 sqz total…

i’ll have around 45 pulls to try and grab Archuria. It’s worth a shot.

After this…saving for Okita Alter.

But we get free sqz and Tickets

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Ummm, that a very low chance on getting her.


I don’t really see any reason to push it back.

Right, not sure how many rank up quests i did (is there a way to check it?) but that should be something at least.

Not expecting to get Archuria but i really want a copy of Martha before she’s gone forever.

Sadly, i know. I’m prepared to not getting her.

But the fact is: do i have any other chance? No, since i don’t want to roll archer in GSSR.

So, it’s worth a try. Even if we all know that i’ll likely fail.

There is nothing to loose if i roll, since i don’t have another banner to save for her.

It’s now or never.

I hope so, i don’t want to see a reason for it to be pushed back.

Yes, i just did it…the hard way.

Open spirit origin section, search all your servant pages, read in the servant section “Interludes and Rank Up”

It’s long, but it gets the job done

We’re currently about a week ahead of JP. Considering they have to squeeze in Thanksgiving later in the year, I’d say they have no reason to alter the schedule at this point, as we’re more or less on track to have everything done in a timely fashion.

I don’t get it, what’s the deal with Thanksgiving?

Is there a way to predict the banners we will find in it or each year it is a blind run?

Like, better start saving for late november, since who know what will happen?

Surprise Okita Banner, for example?

There is no JP equivalent, so it’s technically a blind run. But there are usually a couple things that can be predicted easily enough.

  1. They’re always limited Servants
  2. They usually don’t have other frequent rate ups through other Singularities or events.

Scathach is almost always there, as is Gil.

I’m betting on it being the 23rd, though it would be amazing if it were about a week later. As it stands, I might have 300 or so SQ to throw at getting Archuria from NP1 to NP2 (Martha would also love to be NP2, and Marie would like to exist at my Chaldea I’m sure…)

Looking forward to it dropping on a weekend. It’s at least a full day to gloat over a new Archuria (or to be a ball of sadness) on a non work day.

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Mmm… so there is a good chance we will get Okita or maybe even Nero Bride

Not that i’ll have many SQZ, since i’m draining my small reserves on Archuria banner

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Okita has been featured on previous Thanksgiving banners, so there is a good chance. Bride is a little less likely, but not impossible.

Iskander has features a lot in Thanksgiving banners before, but he is getting a September rate-up with Fate/Accel Zero, so they might replace him this time around.

Mybe they’ll replace Iskandar for Void Shiki

That’s definitely possible. She’s popped up a couple times. Amakusa is also a repeat customer, I think.

Story-locked Servants usually get throw in too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla and Lartoria show up.

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I think we will get like last year a Shinsegumi Daaa!!!

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I am hoping this year, they do not do that. As in, we can get some new and relatively fitting servants. Like Musashi. And yes, it is only because she eats a lot and I need her. But still… a man can dream.