1500 and below or above Empoleon

So I have enough candy to evolve my 3 star 439 Piplup… should I evolve it and have a Empoleon that I could use for great league, is it that worth it? Because my great league team is already pretty successful , is a team of Snorlax, Gardevoir, and Mandibuzz worth having one replaced with this Pokémon? Or should I catch a higher CP Empoleon for Ultra League, which I probably won’t use there either, but also raids and gyms since it’ll be a higher CP.

I never used empoleon for raids and gyms, but i use it in my standard UL team. In GL, it can be good as spice as well, but it needs training and a good team comp, there are some vids on YouTube. The three stars won’t help that much though, it needs specific IVs to be very good and reach the close-to-1500/2500 CP cap.
Don’t evolve it yet though if you don’t want to use an elite charged tm, it only makes sense with hydro Cannon as charged move! Hydro Cannon is it’s community day move. It could get it most probably at the Christmas event only, when PoGo rerolls some community days. (If at all this year)