1500+ orbs :feh_orbpat: vs Fallen Dimitri

Woaaaaah! Congrats! The results are beautiful to see and that off-focus b!Dimitri is extra nice in this scenario :ok_hand:t2: :sparkles:


Thanks, I hope so too! :catlove:

The best off-focus pull I could’ve asked for! :feh_bylethsmile: Thank you!


Yay, you even finished your Brave Dimitri too! That’s so awesome :feh_dimitriblush:


Yeah! :fgo_ereshwoah: It’s like a meme I saw on Reddit, except it was a great thing for me.

Source here


Hot angsty bf. :drooling_face:

I wish I had the patience to save 1500 orbs.


That sweet Azure Moon angst :feh_corrinperfect:

I recommend the Orb Lounge threads if you want to start saving orbs, but yeah, patience is a bit necessary for walking the path of the orb hoarder. :feh_catorbs: I wasn’t too quick to develop it at first, but it worked out eventually. :feh_nini:


Yaaaay!!! Congratulations! What a treat getting B!Dimitri finished at the same time, hey?!?!
That’s an amazing start on F!Dimitri! Very happy for you! :feh_catria:


Thanks! :feh_sylvainlove: That really was a treat I wasn’t expecting it at all, but I loved it! :feh_hridexcited:


Congratulations, hope you get more copies of him before the banner ends, he should be returning this year still on L/M banners i think, maybe august or september? f you are willing to risk it there.


Congratulations!!! I’m happy that you got the last B!Dimitri without having to spark! The banner will be up for a month, so that’s a good chunk of orbs to try for more merges.


Thanks! It would be really nice for me if he returned on September since he would share with L!Chrom. :feh_faedance: In that case, I would probably pull there, but maybe it would be wiser to wait a few months for the poll rerun? :feh_eirikathink: I’ll think about it when I see the lineup. :feh_nini:


Thank you! :feh_dimitriblush: That clutch B!Dimitri was fantastic indeed. I would’ve felt so bad if I had already finished him instead of waiting, lol. And yes, I hope I’ll be able to get at least one more merge in the next few weeks, that would be nice. :feh_nino:


Ike was in august last year and Corrin and Lyon in October, it will probably be something similar this year.

Interesting that i don’t think Julia ever got a rerun on a L/M banner, she did show up on a focus banner in September though.

In total so far :
Ike : 2 banners
Lyon : 7 banners (lol)
Julia : 2 banners
Corrin : 4 banners.

+1 to everyone for the January rerun ( twitter voting).


+7? That is neat, May! Congrats! :partying_face:

Brave Dimitri went like “I’ll end Myself!”

Stay safe! :blush:


That’s good to know! Apparently Fallen units are rerun quite often, I just wasn’t paying attention before, so I thought they were a bit more rare. :feh_flaynfish: Oops. That does give me more hope of finishing him soon. :feh_flaynsmile: (Also, lol, Lyon, how the heck–)


Thanks, and true, B!Dimitri just went “Oh, you’re not finishing me on the Hero Fest? Fine, I’ll do it myself.” :fgo_bblaugh:

Stay safe too! :fgo_ereshlove:


If you give him Ninja Yari+ he won’t need time pulse.

Ninja Navarre will be on Double special next month, 99% sure of it, might as well save some orbs for him if you want the fodder, he will only show up in November after.

Edit :

He’s the only one left of the Ninja banner, Lyn, Laevatein and Zihark went last month.

You add Flashing blade 4 and there’s probably not a single unit in the game at the moment that can actually tank him in PP.


Oops, I already gave him FB4 because I assumed I wouldn’t have enough orbs to pull for Navarre anytime soon :feh_edelgardworried:

I guess this is a good time to show off the new build :catdance:

I haven’t been able to test it much because of my phone’s battery, but the few test runs I did were fun. :feh_nini:

Either way, I’ll save every orb I can after the Fallen banner is over. I don’t like summoning for fodder when there’s no spark, but Ninja Yari is too good, so if I get a good amount of orbs by the time Navarre comes back, I’ll probably try to get him. Thank you for all this info!


The only character in the game that can tank a Ninja Yari Flashing blade 4 F!Dimitri is probably V!Gustav, but if you have time pulse, won’t Galeforce still activate even against crafty fighter because of FB4? so if the first 4 hits doesn’t kill him, another 4 will surely do the job.

Edit: Lol that’s 40 true damage, I forgot Ninja Navarre came with FB4 as well.


I was thinking that if you happen to have [Lance Valor 3] (we got a free copy when Summer Female Robin was distributed as a limited manual) and grind in [Forging Bonds], then you can make him receive 120 [SP] per KO. :feh_maethink:

I was using my Palla with Exalt Chrom’s [Sword Valor 3] and she helped Zelgius get 120 [SP] each time he defeated a single foe, if you (or anyone else) happens to have a {valor} skill, this is a good opportunity to start gathering [SP], because of the [Golden Week]. :feh_tikiga:
I had forgotten how satisfying this was. :feh_tooobin:

I like how the blessing also matches him and his artwork’s color scheme.