1600+ orbs vs Summer Dimitri :feh_dimitrismug:

This banner… was painful.

I started at 1642 orbs after grabbing pretty much every orb I had available (except the top TT+ rewards):

I really wanted S!Edelgard and S!Claude, but decided to stick to sniping green and only going for red/blue when I got no greens in the circle. Despite this, Edelgard and Claude still managed to show up sooner than Dimitri. That’s when I knew I was in for a wild ride. :feh_corrinsweat:

Full haul

(Mostly in order, but I’ll save the best two for last)

1x B!Ike
1x Shamir :feh_flaynyay:
1x Say’ri
1x Flavia
2x Dieck :feh_alfonsewut:
1x S!Edelgard :fgo_serenityay:
2x Charlotte :feh_inherit:
3x Ced :feh_ceddisgusting: :feh_crazydimitri: I swear, if I see this goofy-ass Lewyn knockoff AGAIN while summoning on this banner I will lose. My. Shit.
1x Selena
2x Sue
1x Gatekeeper
1x Farina
1x Dedue :feh_dedueit:
1x Nagi
1x Julia
1x B!Ephraim
1x Astrid :feh_sigurdeyes:
1x Jill
1x B!Micaiah
2x Helbindi
1x Myrrh
1x F!Mareeta
1x Annette
1x Ronan
1x Hector
1x F!Kana
8x S!Claude :feh_bylethshook:
6x S!Dimitri :catdance:

So, despite the pain of a thousand pity-breakers - many of them useless both for fodder and combat purposes - there were some really nice sides to this summoning session.

For example, getting my first Shamir and S!Edelgard, both very early and with great IVs. :feh_nino: As well as the surprising amount of S!Claude merges and, well, getting a decent amount of S!Dimitri merges too. Way below he average amount for the orbs I spent, but then again, I’ve seen people spend this amount and get nothing at all. :feh_notlikethis: Sooo I’m choosing to be grateful for what I did get. :feh_dimitrismug:

I’ll continue pulling on the banner for as long as it’s up and also plan on buying Feh Pass for the spark as soon as Resplendent Matthew goes away, lol. For now, this is what my Summer Dimi looks like:

And about the alt itself: I love it. Summer has always been one of my favorite themes, partially for the fanservice (some fanservice is nice, but sometimes the artists get a bit out of hand, especially for female characters :catcry:) but mostly to see the characters having fun and relaxing, and goddess knows Dimitri needed both of these things after going through so much. :feh_sothishook: The art, the voice lines, it’s all perfect and I’m so happy. :fgo_ereshlove:

Combat-wise, he’s unsurprisingly a monster and I’m having a lot of fun. :feh_sigurdeyes:

Aaand I posted this way too early by accident, but I’ll @ everyone soon, hang on. :fgo_meltbirb:



Sorry if this list is outdated, please @ me to let me know if I should add or remove anyone here. :fgo_meltbirb:


Sorry to hear that the summoning didn’t go as well as you had hoped, but congrats on the solid start to his merges :feh_arvisboneappetite:

Hopefully you can get best seasonal alt of the year to +10 before the banner ends :fgo_ereshlove:


Congrats Tea!!! :feh_deirdrehappy:

It’s too bad it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been but halfway there is always good :fgo_ereshwoah:

Good luck getting the rest of the copies :feh_elisecheer:


Oh oof, it’s a shame you didn’t get as many Dimitris as you’d like, but he still looks good!

I’m a fan of that build. I LOVE Galeforce on Legendary Nanna and Dimitri is even better at reliably activating Galeforce because of that Slaying effect. I am sure he will serve you well!


Sorry that ya didn’t get the full +10 but you’re

Anyway, I’m so HAPPY you got your long deserved green Dimitri (and other Dimitri stans like Noodles)!!! Glad you love the alt itself, so couldn’t be more perfect huh? Well, me and my S!Dimitri are rooting for ya as you continue to summon! Good luck!


Happy to still get @s even though I’m not as active anymore. Sorry the gacha wasn’t very kind to you, it’s just like that sometimes unfortunately. Hope you get more before the banner ends since it lasts for awhile!

I thought about you when I heard Summer Dimitri was dropping, so I was expecting a thread from you lol


Thanks! :fgo_ereshlove: This banner lasting as long as it does definitely gives me hope! And best seasonal alt of the year indeed! :feh_dimitrismug:

Thank you! :feh_flaynsmile:

Yeah, he’s just halfway through the merges and I don’t have a floret to give him yet, but he’s already a monster unit. :fgo_ereshwoah: I’m looking forward to seeing him perform at max investment, but the fact he’s already doing so well definitely makes the wait easier.


tenor (1)

Sound about right? :feh_flaynfish:

Anyway, again, super happy you’re enjoying S!Dimitri! :feh_flaynyay:


Congratulations on your first pulls for S!Dimitri!

Sad you didn’t get more copies of him within that amount though even though some of the pitybreakers are good.

Man, the gacha really wasn’t kind to you.

But you’re halfway there! Your luck will turn around! I wish you the best of luck in finishing Summer Boar!

Your S!Dimitri is looking great with that Galeforce build. Nice that IS gave him another busted alt with a different weapon at last.


Qualified congratulations!

I’ve been having not-great luck on the banner so far, too, and I’m sure there are many others in the same situation. I won’t hijack your thread, but I got zero 5-stars, focus or not, on the way to the spark while pulling red and blue (green > colorless if no red or blue). Things improved after that, but I’m pretty sure I’m below average still even after my luck improved.


:feh_faedance2: Wo-oah, livin’ on a prayer! :feh_faedance:

Thanks so much, and yep, I don’t think this alt could’ve been more perfect for me. :feh_flaynsmile: Seeing him trying to relax and utterly failing at it is incredibly endearing, lol.

Edit: grammar oops

:feh_dimitricool: :handshake: :feh_ikestare:
Having a bunch of alts of one color balanced by one other alt being an axe



Though, the paralogue would seem to indicate otherwise, or certainly at least not according to Claude.

Anyway, congrats on what you did get, that’s quite a haul.

Hoping your luck improves as you continue to roll! :feh_dimitrisalute:


The Noodles and Tea alliance!? :feh_bylethshooketh:
A-amazing! Two powerful summoners partnering together, comrades brought together through the same struggles! Truly a magnificent event!

Whoa, I’m really dramatic today. Anyone got any Calming Jasmine Tea?



Oh yeah, also Ephraim too lol


Sorry you didn’t get more merges but that’s still a really good haul so congrats Tea

The nice thing is that he’ll always be here next year so you always know you have a focus banner to summon him from :feh_flaynyay:


Honestly, when I think about, this is quite the fitting line for us as we take the risk that is the gacha. :feh_flaynfish:

Uh-oh, Reality is rambling again!


Getting a green alt after blue alts before it was cool lol :feh_ephraimbadboy:


Congrats!!! I know how painful it is, but you’re more than half on the way to +10 and got a lot of fodder too :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2: i hope the other copies come faster :crossed_fingers:t2:


Congratulations on the progress, too bad RNG was bulli to you, I did the free circle and another circle to try and get anything but I only got feathers, not even summer Claude as demote.
Hopefully next year or in any soon appearance you can get the 5 missing merges and may it be less painful than this time.