#17/#18 Event Mission Bugged?


Hi everyone, i’m new to this forum and i wanted to know something. I tried to do “The invincible anndroid 17/18” story events and i tried to complete the mission “complete 10 challenges in a story” of both stories. I did complete every single one but the mission keeps sayin 0/10… Is this a bug or am i just really dumb? Thanks in advice!


that definitely looks like a bug–have you tried contacting DBL’s support team?


No i didn’t, but i guess i should. I’ve found out that even the story events that don’t expire like raditz and nappa ones give me the same problem… Thanks tho!


It’s not a bug, it’s just a little confused. You have to complete all Missions on “Events” not in the Challenges.
You have to finish:
“Use 30 Energy”
“Get 20 pieces of gold equipment”
“Land a Special Move 5 times with #18
“Ko 18 10 time”
And etc (All 10 missions)


I thought about that, but i did completed some missions, like “beat 17 last”, and it still says 0/10.
Also, if i needed to complete the missions, why didn’t they wrote “complete 10 missions in a story” like the cell’s event?
I will try to complete some other mission since the dbl support said they were on holiday :man_shrugging:


CONFIRMED, it was just a bug.
I tried to do a mission in both stories and it completed both of them…weird


Its not really a bug, the system added those Missions in after you completed them and you just needed to have the system record those stats after a battle that’s relative to your mission. So you had it completed the whole time you just need to give the system a swift kick in the butt to recognize it. This happens a ton in DBL when they add new missions for old events.

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