185 BST pffffft

Sure she only lived with 1 HP… but Oboro still got the job done

Yes your max investment Armour Eff unit just about managed to deal with an Armour.
Slowly claps


Since she survived with 1HP, just give this Sothis Atk+1 in seal and she KOs Oboro


Actually, all she needs is 1 Spd and or just a Spd boon, the 1 Spd would have pushed her into the next bracket for damage with her Special even with Threaten Atk/Spd active on her

Going up against a 185 bst that’s pretty much a +10 neutral Green unit with WTA with 55 base Atk, but when she activates her skill’s brings it to 65 Atk while lowering my Atk/Res buy 5 bringing her Atk to a effective 70


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