1st 5* exclusive +10! Unit showcase + character appreciation + Bonus! [Great Deal, view now]

“But Help_Me,” I hear you saying, “don’t you have a +10 Sothis?”

Yes, on my alt, where I had all those delicious story orbs. This is on my main, which has long since gone through those (it’s been around since near launch). I had to hoard these orbs myself.

With that out of the way, lets get to it!


It’s Lyn!

FE7 was the first FE I played, a long time ago now (maybe a decade or so). At the time I had just gotten a new smartphone, and put a GBA emulator on it. I quickly realized that playing platformers of any kind was practically impossible, so I couldn’t play some of my favorite games (Kirby). I put pokemon on, since I loved those games as well, but I needed more than just emerald (I had already beaten it, after all). I was looking on a ROM site, and lo and behold, FE7 was one of the top rated games. “Why not?” I thought, and downloaded it. From there, that single game, I played the rest of the GBA games, going so far as to use my meager technology skills to somehow patch an English language translation into the FE6 ROM (took a bit of time, and I’m still a little surprised I got it working). After that, I still wanted more, so I started my slow quest to play all mainline FE games (I made a thread when I finished; it’s a little outdated, but the topic is linked on my profile).

So back to Lyn. Lyn is one of my favorite FE characters, and it’s honestly a little hard to pinpoint why. She isn’t that interesting or unique compared to a lot of other FE characters, but I love her personality, design, and story. It may not be unique or particularly powerful, but it’s very well done nonetheless. She was the first character I encountered in any FE game, and the first one who’s story I saw; that alone is worth a lot to me, for how much I will always remember that. In FEH, she was one of the first 5* I ever rolled (along with Takumi, so hard carry there). I used her as much as I could, despite her mediocre ability in FEH (and really bad refine). Nonetheless, I never really stopped using her. For all these reasons, I really wanted her to be my first 5* exclusive on my main account, who I really had to save for. Aaaannnnnd…

Let’s see what we got!
(The number in front is my total number of orbs; second number after Lyn copies is the quick math for how many orbs total it was)

The Haul

Orb Count: 1,323
Need 7 copies
1,295: Igrene (28) (Manual, undecided use)
1,272: 4* special Lucina (merged)
1,198: 4* special Celica (brave) (merged)
Tiki and Bantu same circle (I thought it was cute)
1,092: Lyn (+spd!) (6.73 pity rate, no other 5*) (231)
1,039: 4* special Mia (1st copy)
1,034: Lyn (289)
1,030: Lyn (293)
1,026: Hector (manual)
1,003: Brave Alm (Merge)
969: 4* special flying Olivia (Merge)
965: 4* special gray (merge)
951: Hector (no red) (manual)
947: Deidre (1st copy)
938: Lyn (385)
919: Lyn (404)
900: Lyn (423)
895: Brave Lyn (merge)
890: 4* special Zelgius (1st copy)
867: 4* special Lene (1st copy)
863: 4* special Ryoma (merge)
799: Lyn (524)

The result?

We did it boys!!!
Anyway, if you enjoyed this or like my Lyn, I have included my friend code below (IGN is Emet):

I also have a few other builds planned, with other weapons like Wo Dao and Slaying edge (or Unbound Blade if I can get a copy)

Now, I promised a bonus, didn’t I?


So, I had a lot of orbs left over, and I have decided I want to harness the power of the Lyn emblem. Why not, it’s fun. So I dropped the rest on the DSH banner for Lynja copies (I also really wanted a Tikian).

The haul:
Orb count: 799
Lynja (merge)
H!Tiki (1st copy)
Zihark (5*) (1st copy)
Lynja (merge)
Lynja (merge)
Lynja (merge)
4* special y!Tiki (merge)
4* special Innes (1st copy)
Lynja (merge)
4* special Ike (merge, at like +7 through only pitybreakers at this point)
P!Tibarn (manual)
P!Tibarn (manual)
Lachesis (5*, keep)
Lynja (merge)
4* special Innes (again? no fodder, so merge)
Ninja Laevatein (1st copy, -atk, RIP)
4* special Jaffar (merge)
H!Tiki (merge to fix speed bane)

I also still have the free copy from AHR, but I’m keeping it since I’m using her on both AR seasons, so until I have the rest of the merges, that one will stay as is.

Hope you enjoyed this, I certainly had fun


Also, thank you to anyone who slogged through reading all that.

(or even skimmed it, I still appreciate you just slightly less)


Congrats! :feh_flaynsmile:

Nice to see a favourite finished off! :feh_nino:

Also you’re like the first person I’ve seen who has the resplendant skin but doesn’t use it lol :feh_bernieshock:


I really don’t like her resplendent skin. It looks like bridal 2.0 to me and I hate that.


Ohh yes, congratulations on the +10 Lyn!
I’ve actually read through your post and it shows so well how dedicate you’re to her.

I don’t hold much of an attachment to her nowadays but I still think she’s kind of special to me too, for similar reasons and being the first Fire Emblem character I interact with, so I have some sort of appreciation for her.

I found this rather recently, by @gonzarez1938 on Twitter:


Man, why is it that every Lyn is packing

I mean, she’s not poorly endowed, but she’s not that well endowed either. She’s pretty average, as you can see from the images above (which are from the GBA games, for those who don’t know). I don’t mind well endowed women, but I also just find it so odd that almost none of the Lyn art is actually that similar to her original art.

also she’s like 18


I get that, fan #art be like that sometimes. :feh_legion_miso:

I personally prefer #art that sticks as close as possible to the character’s looks so I get how you feel.
I still liked this one a lot because I still see how well done it was, barring that one part.


That’s really nice!
Im glad for you, great choice of character. And great build too.
I also really like Lyn cause Blazing was my first game and who doesnt like Lyn.
And I also find it odd that IS changed her appearence in that regard but oh well.

Art wise my favourite alt of her is her Legendary (Wada Sachiko is crazy good), but it’s lacking in… Well, every other aspect.

Well done :feh_flaynfish:


True, I can agree with that. Her legendary art is really well done. I do like her brave and OG as well though.

■■■■ bridal though


Yay, very beautiful Lyn you got there! Congrats on finishing her and I sent you a friend request! :catclap:



I am happy my friend. You got her. I undid most of the resplendent. Use as original. Now like Minerva, Lyn and others.

I still like her very much. I even think of the gameplay as a great introduction. Even more so because the game came out in the west. Curiosity. The Japanese thought we were bad at playing strategy, that’s a matter, for another time. And I like her story, it’s simple, but very cool. And I like your personalities. Although Feh tries to sexualize her, I can’t see her like that. Lol.

Now not about script, but idea and concept. Of all Fe, I find it as a tutorial one of the most inspiring things in the franchise

Now put Ninja Katana to disguise Mani Katti.


This is wonderful! Congratulations to finishing her! She looks good with that build.

I love the Blazing Blade lords equally and Lyn was always a good character to me. Her story was simple yet wonderful and made me like her and FE7 so much.

People say she doesn’t have a role in Hector and Eliwood’s story but I can’t imagine her not being there with them. (Plus Hector and Eliwood kinda take a backseat to whoever the protagonist of the story anyways)

During their campaigns, Lyn learns how not all pirates and bandits aren’t all bad through Fargus and she learns how to not judge people through appearance with Hector. She does grow as a character throughout FE7.

I don’t like FEH handles and IS seems to lose the things that make her good much like Camilla. But I haven’t forgotten the qualities that make her the Sacean warrior she is.

Once again, congratulations on finishing a character you hold dear.

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