1st AR-D week with no lift loss!

Well I’m pretty hyped! Made my 1st week of anima season with absolutely no lift loss. This setup has worked absolutely beautifully for me. Tell me what you guys think of this setup and any ways I may be able to improve it.


You haven’t climbed high enough to fight the more competent players though

Once you do, you’ll get a better feel of what you’re weak to


Well it’s only in the last little while I’ve tried putting any thought into AR since I’ve gotten into tier 21. So I’m still experimenting to find what works. So far this has been my best setup attempt.


All it would take is for me to plop down my ranged tank on the left side(Probably kill Sonya just for the easy kill) and that’s game. Or for a safe approach kill Sonya and dance to the far left wall so everyone’s out of range.

Definitely agree with TMFM in that the higher you climb the more glaring your weaknesses are.


I could put my Fortress in that empty space next to the panic manor so there’s no gaps there so it’s more tedious to have to work your way around. Or maybe move Sonya to that space below Lìf. I’m definitely not saying the setup is perfect by any means, but so far it’s a decent start that could use some patching up.

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If I could make a couple recommendations I’d like to. If not, just ignore all this as it’s working out for you and why fix what isn’t broke.

Move your Aether Pot to the spot where your Bolt Tower is(Not really necessary for lower tier 21, but it does make things more obnoxious for those trying to climb in ranks).

Move your Bolt Tower to the GD sign. Higher tiers will want you to never have a Bolt Tower(With the exception of bonus week) but for more casual AR it’s fine. And then your GD sign to the spot right below the lamp post just to make it a little more work to get through.

Move the flower bed to another spot so people can’t ranged tank with no chance of your melee getting in there within a turn or two.

Fortress could be moved to where your Panic Manor is, Panic Manor could really go where ever.

Maybe swap Lif and Bunny around to overlap ranges a little bit better. You could probably then swap Ninian with Bunny’s new position and put the fake slow trap one space higher.

Majority of the time you’re not going to be able to dance any of your ranged units due to their Assists. Might not be able to dance Lif depending on your team order.

Move the real Lightning trap right above the fake one, then put the fake one where the fake slow trap is currently. This is cause players to be punished a bit for trying to sneak attack the Aether Pot(After being moved) and will put Bunny at less than 100% to give her her weapon’s effect. Kinda sucks that she’ll be damaged by quite a bit but it’d be the safest unit to have hit by it, otherwise your traps are pretty easy to test with no punishments.

Otherwise without severely changing up the layout of your units that’s all I can think of atm. But hey, if it works it works.


And me it’s my first week since 1-2months were I lost more than 60lifts… 220 to be honest…


Hey nice job! Though you haven’t climbed very high :feh_marththink:

Tbh it seems like Ninian is just too far away from the action to do anything, and too easy to snipe. Brunnya can be solo baited which is… interesting. Traps are too far away to do anything. Sonya+Ursula can be baited by themselves too :feh_marththink:

OH! Also remove the assists from your units (except the rally if you like). This means that they will go before Ninian. If they have assists they’ll go after Ninian and not get danced. (Lif is fine I think but the others need to have their assists removed)

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TMNT is right, but it is worthy of celebration! Well done. Your Brunya looks fierce, too… I don’t use her but idk if I would use glacies? get it off quick enough?

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