1st NP 5 Gold Servant

Who was your first gold servant you gotten to NP 5? Welfare servants and grailed 3 star or under servants don’t count. Only those that can be obtained from the summon banner.

My first NP 5 gold servant is Chevalier d’Eon. The first gold servant since I started and was NP 5 months ago.

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I think my first NP5 gold anything was OG Emiya due to a rate-up banner.

Pretty sure my first NP5 SSR was Sherlock.


4 star was emiya I know he was on rate up with a 5 star I wanted just don’t remember which banner

5 star was raikou during onigashima re run

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If I don’t count welfares and grailed-to-gold… None.


Don’t have one yet, but if I get one more copy of Marie Rider then I will. She’s been NP4 for quite a long time now.

Stheno I’d say except I burnt her when I got her for the 3rd time, and now she’s NP4.
Other than that, just Marie NP3 I think.

Tamamo Shark is my first, and probably only to be, NP5 SSR. As a dolphin (at best) she should not exist like this but Summer Kiyo took her good old time coming home and I luckshat hard in the meantime. Marie and d’Eon are close seconds at 4, both mostly from spooks. If I wanted to NP5 any on purpose, Salter and Emiya are both NP3 so I’m considering going for it on their next rate up.

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It would have been Siegfried if I didnt burn the 4th copy out of spite


Much to my displeasure… Caster Gil. Got 5 of him while rolling for Ereshkigal. Fortunately, Emiya (who is one of my favorite Servants because of FSN) just got to NP5 while I was rolling for Jalter. (I am not going to count the innumerable Siegfrieds I got and burned, because I don’t care about him.)


Elizabeth Bathory…

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Archer Emiya.

Atalante, she always spooked me when I rolled 350+ sq… f2p btw, but i like her so that’s fine.


None, yet. Best so far is NP3 OG Nero, and that’s only thanks to the Nero NP Upgrade Ticket (which I hear can even be used for other SR servants, oddly enough).


EMIYA here too from the ongoing banner. Even burned 1 extra.

Liz, Carmilla, Emiya.

I’m noticing a trend here with emiya. God he gets too many rate ups


Kind of EMIYA…I’ve pulled 6 copies but he sits at NP4. The 5th copy i s future RPs since I will never level or use him. The first I actually got to NP5 was summer Raikou and the second was Maid Alter. I fully plan on summer Kiyo being the third but I have a bunch at NP4 and D’Eon is just the eternal spook so who knows.

Berserker Lancelot. It was between him and Hercules and EMIYA. The latter two still at NP4 for almost 2 years now. XD


None yet. Close on Emiya, Ana, and Nezha. All of them are NP4. I thought I’d maybe get Siegried or Emiya to NP4 or 5 respectively, but neither spooked me while trying for Jalter. We’ll see if Emiya is the first after tonights single 10 roll in hopes of Da Vinci.

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Mine was Ana. Just got her to NP5 on the Christmas banner.