2/1 Valentine's 2022: A Not-So-Ordinary Valentine's - Murasaki Shikibu and the Five Slaying Queens Event

I plan to max summer Kama out then call it quits. So I will continue for a short while after her release. The game takes too much time to play the way I been playing and I need that time to commit to my art. I have a resolution to keep.

Honestly, If not for Summer Kama I would be calling it quits after the Ooku rerun.


Yes but I plan to hang around the forums here (especially the fan art and social thread) even after FGO retirement.


I very much support having an FGO retirement plan! At this stage, I’m predicting I’ll call it quits at the end of part 2 which should dovetail nicely with a prospective international move around that time, depending on how much luck I have with my own plans.

Best of luck to you! I believe you can make it :fgo_astartepeek:


Animation updates for servants like that always end up as the usual “Oh she looks pretty now, well then back to farming.” after one single use.


i wish caesar used the golden sword with his other arm instead of using that arm to punch stuff.


GP Event guide

Event infographic by kevinrealk
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CE Support Setup by sky-wisher
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Do I have to feed the old CEs or can just leave them in second archive?

Thank DW for that qp, I desperately need it


I hate DW (still owned by them when this event came out in jp) and them making us rely on that God awful 5th ce drop with shit rates. On a event with NO re-run. How stupid is that? They could have easily put the 5th ce in the ladder and called it a day. But nope, gotta fuck over the players on almost all Shop ces that don’t have the 5th copy via ladder or rewards. Here’s hoping my ce drop rng is good this time, especially since I love Illya and that art is adorable.


I think from this year on you are allowed to have duplicates.

Just a PSA for people who don’t know, you can pull up the art and text for any CE you have ever owned in the spirit list under materials. So if you are ONLY holding onto them to see them whenever you want then you don’t have to.

If you are holding onto them for CE bombs, OCD, or some other reason then go right ahead, just pointing this out for people that might need inventory space but are worried they might lose them permanently and are unaware of this feature.


Yeah just checked the event page and you can hold the duplicates. Nice until the 5x success rate on anniv.


Can’t wait to farm eggs on the event node. Bones n dust is also pretty nice on the event point node.


Someone mentioned coke dust node!?


I know about that but it’s still nice having the CEs themselves to equip them on their respective servants sometimes…i wish my OCD wasn’t this bad so i could just get rid of them and make use of that feature like a normal person :fgo_gudako:

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Can the writers please just shut the F up about this. It’s literally every single time alcohol is brought up. Every. Single. Time.

And I mean the original writers not the localizers unless this is something they added themselves.


Valkryie valentine scene is so wholesome. Three servant in one is da best.


Every time I redeemed a chocolate, I screamed…


There’s virtually no scenario where it’s better than Orangette for NP refund+damage.

Unlike MoaSF, there’s no such thing as “I would loop chargeless if I held this for the gen+damage up, but wouldn’t loop with BG” for Quick on JP atm.
Like, I simmed this thing on Douman and other newer Servants and their refund is so bad it doesn’t edge them up another 10%. Against 3s!

I wanted an excuse to get it as good Quick CEs with pure atk are extremely rare but the best you can say is it’s 1% better for a Kama solo than Orangette. And she would do the job faster with Black Grail anyway.

So anyway when are you NP5ing Sei, Gou?