2.5 Anniv Livestream contents

6* Limited Nearl The Radiant Knight (Nearl Alter) CV Ayane Sakura for Japanese
Duelist Guard based on the logo of her subclass (God that art is GOD TIER) also in one of the demonstration video she three striked the Rat King with his full barrier on and he’s gone

5 Star Vanguard Wild Mane DP On Kill Vanguard CV: Tomo Muranaka for Japanese

5 Star Caster Corroserum Line Caster CV Daisuke Kishio

1 star Sniper Robot Justice CV Satsuki Yukino

6 Star Vanguard Flametail CV Aya Hirano (Standard Vanguard type: Fang, Siege, Courier)

The Boss of the Event has been revealed as Blood Knight

Giving Will of the Ursus vibes aka uh oh don’t get too close to this … thing…

Maria Nearl event sequel Near Light image

SHopping Voucher operators Honeyberry and Pudding (Mulberry Archetype and Chain Caster)

New skins for Rosa, Andreana, Pallas and Myrtle

Modules for Fast Redeploy Specialist and Chain Casters

Operator Records and Paradox Simulation for Nearl Alter, Platinum, Gummy and Ptilopsis prepare the pain train for Gummy’s

Aak Hung and Justice added to recruitment pool

Function to change homescreen background wallpaper

CC7 reward is AAk’s skin

Myrtle’s skin is daily login rewards

and as usual you’ll get skin coupon if you have Nearl’s swimsuit skin already
Rosmontis and W Live2D Animations update

Kjerag Event teaser

three different factions of Kjerag revealed

you can clearly see the 2 teased Kjerag characters

New Roguelike mode teased it’s called Crimson Solitaire

New 5* Supporter in collaboration with an animation movie called Nine Colored Deer that was released 40 years ago (yes 40 not even last decade or last year)

Cafe Collaboration

Main Story teased with voiced Doctor somehow it’s written as animation maybe an anime adaptation?

Confirmed by Arknights JP twitter an anime adaptation is in works

Arknights Festival 2022 and 2022 Ambience Synesthesia also announced

damn that was a lot of content posted in less than 2 hours stream JFC now i can’t wait for 3rd anniv to be showered with contents as much as these too and i even omitted a lot of merch stuffs and the Team A1 manga adaptation

Near Light Event PV

Near Light CGI animation video

Ambience Synesthesia 2022 PV

Lee’s Detective Agency Animation short

Terra Discovery 2.0 featuring all regions with major backstory revealed this year

Crap i forgot Joint Operations banner for CC7 with Saga Phantom Schwarz and Surtr Rateup



Now that is a Knight worthy of praise,
So damn beautiful, fearsome and elegant in one package.

New skin, yes
Hurray for Myrtle and Rosa

New UI

And finally Kjerag story
Tis gonna be good

Cheers :catdance:


Oh my god that Myrtle skin is so cute…

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HG doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to bringing out more stuff. The Arknights world is massive, there are plenty of stories to be told outside of the main story with the Doctor.

The anime is going to be nice. But my expectations are kinda low. This isn’t going to be like a PV, if they decide to make a one cour anime the quality can be hit or miss. Though I overheard that Yostar Pictures was sub contracting another studio to help with the load, but I’m not sure who they are at the moment.

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For anyone curious about Nine Colored Deer it’s english subbed on youtube and only 24 minutes.

Or if you just want a really quick summary there’s the wikipedia page


Everything looks amazing also super hyped about a phantom themed integrated strategies. Also to finally have an anime adaption announcement is the announcement i have been waiting 2 years for. Although I admit I’m worried and upset they might be planning a female doctor. As not only does that go against all in game evidence but it messes up a number of the relationships both official non romantic ones and some fan ships. Make it even more of an unbalanced ratio of female to male characters.

Just make it the Texas harem we all want :ak_skadisax:

i don’t think it’s gender specific considering even Female Voice Actors have voiced Male characters even in the game and we all know a lot of Shounen Anime Protagonists are voiced by Female Seiyuus


Yeah, but still, they shouldn’t use some typical teenager voice, that’s just plain wrong in so many level for me.

Should be ;

  • deep male voice or
  • cool oji-san or
  • computer generated or
  • at least not typical teenager voice

I’ve always though this kind of games have gender-non-specific cardboard MCs, so you could insert yourself without any problems. And in case of AK, it’s much easier to pull than with, say, FGO, since Dokutah is just a person in coveralls who could be literally anyone. I’d rather Dokutah was as neutral as possible.

Also, there are plenty of fan ships with female Doctor as well.

Yeah, finally give us, husbando lovers, some good food too :fgo_buster:

Honestly, gender-neutral would be the best.


I understand the gender neutral aspect is important for the self insert vibe of this type of game but sooner or later you do need to pick one especially if you expand your franchise to anime Manga or other media formats. Like the persona series had to give their protagonist an official name. Or caligula effect anime needed to pick a sex and name for their character etc. They can do their best to not make it in your face and just subtle. But also with various country laws about lgbt characters in games shows etc you have to be careful about the sexuality you choose and relationships that are presented. Unless you make it vague enough to be plausible deniability lol.


yeah they have to eventually
even Alchemy Stars already gave the Navigator (us the player) a full on design reveal in the 4-koma comics and even then the Doctor already has a set background and past so to call them a blank slate or self insert isn’t 100% true

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The dokutah has a great advantage in this aspect: full hazmat suit (come on, it does look a lot like it) and being called Doctor by everyone. So it’s much easier to pull here.

And as much as you don’t want the Doctor to be a female, I don’t want them to be a male. Which they probably will be anyway because gacha games anime so love harem routes, and AK already favours female-loving players more than male-loving.

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It is indeed a full body protective suit. But gacha games are normally known for the male demographic hence why almost all gacha game characters are females. Arknights is actually one of the highest gacha games I’ve seen with collectable characters being male over female. (Was at a 1 in 4 rate last year but recently dropped to a 1 in 5 rate of male to female)

Also I want to make clear I have legitimate reasons that are plot and character development based issues with the doctor being female and not that I’m just against the doctor being female because of personal tastes/ships/or I hate when women steal the spotlight bullshit that normally trends when fanboys get upset about a female character.

Which is why I’m curious and want to ask why you don’t want the doctor to be male? Is there something I’m overlooking that makes a better case for the doctor being female? Or is your reason just based on personal taste?

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FGO. Tons of waifus, but good number of high quality husbandos, including real broken ones gameplay-wise. I think GBF is about the same, Tales of games (tho they are based on older games of the series, but still), not even mentioning completely female/gay-oriented gachas like Twisted Wonderland or Touken Ranbu (even if its gameplay sucks BIIIIIG time). Yes, there are a lot more waifu gachas, but it’s not like husbando gachas have no audience.

Because I don’t want AK to go any harem/romance way. I like the dark story, but when the protagonist is male, it’s very tempting for scenarists to give him a romantic interest on the screen. I really had enough of blushing Mash in FGO adaptations to last for a lifetime to see this kind of thing in AK. I think Amiya is safe, but the female cast, as you mentioned, is huge.