“2 for the price of one grandma” -professor jeritza (+10s showcase)


Now you maybe wondering “why 2 at once” the answer is that I finished Mercedes like 2 days after Shamir and wanted to wait a bit before making another post and because of the solo skills banner today I finally finished merging my FIRST five star exclusive in Nyx so now both have to share the spotlight

As for why I merged em?

For Mercedes she is my favourite lass from 3 houses and even though she is a prf-less staff unit ultimately “When nothing remains, everything is equally possible.” -one with nothing.

For Nyx, i wanted to +10 a five star unit that hasn’t demoted yet to say I did and Nyx is a character I really like and from my favourite new heroes banner and also of the temur tome colours that have been around since the start red is the colour I have least of in both finished and in progress +10s so overall the stars aligned perfectly.

As for closing thoughts

Uhh… Mercedes and her brother remind me of certain overwatch characters and Nyx is like, relatable or something… aside for the whole murder part

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Very nice! Nyx is looking awesome, I’d love to build her up some day :catclap:


Nice to see those +10’s, they look good!

Also nice to see someone else who’s merging Nyx. Wanted to go for copies of her today but then the Legendary showed up lol. I at least got a free summoned Nyx so half way to mine

But keep up the good work :feh_flaynyay:


Amazing ! Congrats for the +10 units !

Mercedes is indeed 3H best girl, you made a good choice by merging her :feh_ceciliaculture:


Hold up, where’s your DFs

Also, congrats on the +10s :ok_hand: Now to wait for refines :eyes: