2 out of 3 Dimitri alts finished! :feh_dimitricool: Let's go!

I’ve mentioned more than once here in GP that my main goal in Feh is to +10 all Dimitri alts. :feh_dimitricool: Being F2P and almost certain that all his alts will be 5* locked should’ve made me back out of this plan ages ago, but here I am. :catdance:

So after +10ing L!Dimi a few months ago, I turned my attention to saving as many orbs as I could for the last 3 copies I’d need for B!Dimi, hoping his OG would take long enough to show up again that I could safely spend orbs for both with minimal stress.

IS had other plans, though. :catroll:

Yet, even knowing this was 100% pre-Hero Fest bait… well, he’s one of my primary targets and I had quite a bit of orbs to spare, so I said why not and gave myself a rather large budget to get his last 8 copies. :feh_dimitrismug:

At first, I decided I would spend around 1000 orbs. Then, as things got worrisome in the second half of my summoning session, I set 1100 orbs as my final budget thanks @Umbriel for helping rein me in :feh_nino:, and juuust as I was nearing that limit :feh_notlikethis:

The final copy came home, thank the goddess :feh_sothishook:

Full haul

F!Kris was my very first summon, so off to a great start. :feh_nino: F!M!Corrin was also a very pleasant surprise for that delicious fodder, and I can’t even describe how I felt getting that random F!Byleth merge. Slow merge project made a little less slow. :feh_bylethsmile: And my very unbiased opinion says that this proves Dimileth is canon, so that’s a plus.

Selena got very unfortunate IVs, but she’s really nice fodder, so I’m happy nonetheless. :feh_nini: Things kind of went downhill after that, unfortunately… but Guinivere, despite also getting unfortunate IVs, was still a highlight. :eyes:

Still got some annoying party poopers like Fiora, Ninian and Micaiah, but now that I look at it as a whole… this is a much better haul than my desperate brain made it out to be at the time. :fgo_ereshwoah:

Aaand here he is now! :feh_nino: With a somewhat wacky build, but seriously, it’s a lot more fun than trying to rely on Noble Lance’s wonky requirements. I really like it.

Huge thank you to all that supported me in this journey :fgo_ereshlove: Although depending on how many alts IS has planned for him, it might be far from over.

I was going to @ people but I’m not sure who wants to be @ed for this stuff or not :catroll: Should probably make a list.




I was waiting for this

Good job :feh_dimitricool:


Congrats! And not too bad pity breakers either. Only got one more Dimitri left!


Thanks! :feh_sylvainlove: My brain is a bit… fried, so much stuff happened today, so I apologize for not writing a more elaborate response, but thanks, everyone. :feh_nini:

I should probably just sleep now and answer things better tomorrow :catroll:


He’s so beautiful Paimon_excited

More congrats for finishing him up :fgo_gaooo:

Dimitri Emblem is getting there :catdance:

always happy to persuade orb spending :fgo_ereshpeek:


Congrats, he looks beautiful :feh_faewow:

I said this earlier, but still can’t wait for your final Dimitri to be +10’d :feh_faedance:

and if it’s not too much trouble, I’d be fine with being @ to any of your other summon session threads



Congrats again tea! :feh_flaynsmile:

He looks great :feh_nino:

It’s so nice to see him done :fgo_ereshwoah:. Only one more to go! then a summer alt :fgo_rinlaugh:


Congrats Tea! I’m really happy for you :feh_hridexcited:

He looks amazing


Congratulations on getting a big step closer to your goal! Hopefully Brave Dimitri is kind to you ehehe :feh_rinea_smile:


Congratulations! I salute the dedication too.

The @ing on the [Orb] count thread worked fine for me. :feh_bigbeauty: Though I think you can start running a subscriber list for your “summoning marathons” like this one, ofc you can put me on it.


Congrats! Two out of three Dimitris looking great! :feh_dimitrismug:

I hope this year you’ll be able to +10 B!Dimitri soon!


Congrats! Glad someone got who they wanted today


Nice; Congrats!
And Fiora isn’t nearly as bad as Ninian, at least she has some spicy fodder in the way of pegasus flight (actually isn’t she the only unit with it?)
My own Ninian is at like +6 from pity breaks alone, so I feel you (give Ninian a refine and a resplendent and I’m all set)


Wow congrats Tea! Such a cool journey and I’m sorry for the 1100 orbs for 3 copies?? I will no longer fee sorry for myself getting only 2 FKris in 500… I am really sorry it took that many. What a relief he’s done though eh??

He looks so good!! It’s so much fun completing a favorite!


(sigh). why does everyone get Ninian and Micaiah and Fiora pity breakers but me :frowning:


Probably because you want them. I don’t know how, but IS knows.

It’s why we only get pity breaks for units we don’t want.


lol probably.
like i would happily happily take you +6 ninian.

the last few months i’ve been getting sumias and i am like sumia i like you (a lot actually). but could you please just be fiora. Caeda is hunngrrrrryy.


I count 8 copies. Am I missing something?


Oh I actually like Ninian, but I’m really disappointed she didn’t even get Nils’ frost breath as a side refine (why? It would make so much sense from a lore and gameplay perspective). Her statline is kinda hard to work with as well, being a gen 1 dancer, so I usually run TA and Lightning breath just so she can be a decent red counter if she has to be. (Wings of mercy and then drive attack or hone dragons depending on team comp; could also maybe give IP)