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Is there anywhere better to farm fool’s chains besides in Camelot “The Mad Banquet Of Blood and Flesh”? Idk if its my luck but more than half the time i wont get some.

Should i burn my Marie Antoinette so i can unlock the Mona Lisa Craft essence and how much is it to MLB?

  1. Not really. If you’re also looking for other materials, there are alternatives, but Wastelands has the best Chain drop/AP.

  2. Once you unlock Mona Lisa, you need 1000 Mana Prisms to buy each copy of it, so 5k MP to MLB it.
    If you don’t already have that much saved, I’d keep Marie in the meantime. You could pull another servant you dislike more, thus saving Marie’s life.


gilfest 2021 lotto for chains, unless another “infinite” lotto post-nerofest has them

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Not recommended IMO. We’ll begin getting free RP with the rerun of Christmas 3 (this upcoming one), next year, and if you were here for Medb’s outfit from Summer 2 you’ll get an RP upon that quest’s second completion next year, even earlier than Christmas 3 RR. Especially don’t burn her if she’s your only copy, she’s still got bond/Interlude/SQ Quartz for you to take advantage of. ML is valuable but IMO people overestimate how much they actually use/will use it unless they exclusively farm Doors during downtime (and even then… we have a lot of events) . Further, you can simply look at the diffs between 1x and 2x MLB ML - it’s not going to get you out of QP Hell.


minor thing but wouldn’t +30% bonus be the max after we get bella lisa? (running your own+support, alongside mona lisa, with all mlb)

and then +35% with detective foumes (same as above, but +mlb foumes in your party)

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10% (MLB ML) + 15% (MLB supp. BL) + 5% (MLB self BL), so yeah 30 then 35. I don’t really mind the absence thereof though, feels like it’d be a space matter, maybe.