2 smoll new +10 units

The first one is Larcei, made entirely out of pity breakers and the forma! :fgo_gaooo:

(I’ll give you dragon flowers if your refine is good! :cat:)

And here’s the unit I was aiming for:

While I slightly prefer Tiki from Awakening, her brave alt really didn’t resonate with me. I just can’t imagine adult Tiki wanting to dress up as her younger self… I also prefer fast dragons and woke Tiki is just that! I also really like her art, it fits with the other young archanea characters. Took me somewhere between 950-1000 orbs, which is rather normal I suppose.

(All) Together we will reign terror in arena and duels and obliterate our enemies with the power of friendship!


Holy crépes, Larcei looks really good.