2 teams I've been playing around with for fun

So I’ve been playing around with 2 teams outside of beasts, 1 dragon team and a… summer/fan service team…

Dragon team: male grima, garon, Duma and either dream corrin or ninian

Summer team: summer helbindi, hostile spring ryoma, summer innes/xander and summer frederic

Hot team: legend ike/ new year hrid, Halloween dorcas, new year ryoma and easter bruno.

Keep in mind that the dragon team is the only serious one, but please tell me what you think

You’re “playing around” with a"Hot team" and “Summer team”

Ok I see what’s going on here


So a Theme team :feh_eirikathink:

Nice :feh_corrinmug:

Hot team isn’t Sigurd, Flora, Gunnthra and Laegjarn smh :feh_rein:

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Hoshidan Summer maybe? Similar look.

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Love the fan service team :joy: I must’ve dropped like 100 orbs to get hot spring Ryoma since he’s like 99% naked when injured. Not a huge fan of Spring Bruno’s outfit though, he just doesn’t wear it nearly as well as Alfonse or Chrom.


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Hoshidan summer

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True, but I have a thing for buff guys

Ok, I swear I didnt realize the innuendo before I read your comment lol

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Thnx. Now the question is what build for each character… same for the summer and dragon team.
Ps: I may be considering other theme teams in the future, like characters from the same game, different versions of the same characters, x-mas and easter theme…