2019 Summer Release Date Prediction

Anyone know if the new summer event will release right after the part 2 rerun, or will we be getting a brief break before it releases? My total login bonus currently has 14 days left (8 days till summer rerun ends) and I need all the quartz I can to prepare for what’s to come.

Tried referring to the JP timeline, but the two summer events were spaced differently than ours.

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That is a good question. I am in a similar situation with the log in bonus.

Looking at the schedule that we have and that JP had, we’re more or less on track of JP’s schedule, except we had the Paul Bunyan event in the beginning of July instead of the Interlude Campaign. JP had around a week between summer rerun and Dead Heat and they used the Paul Bunyan event during that week break. So my guess is that after the summer rerun event ends on the 28th, we’ll have that same week long break, but instead of the Paul Bunyan event happening, it’ll be the Interlude Campaign.

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Hopefully the break until that Race-event will be a little bit longer.
In the comments of the Fate GO fandom wikia you can read that the grinding is quite worse. Besides to get Rider Ishtar NP5 you have to complete real challenge quests - I am not ready for that.

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Speaking of that “dead week”…JP got this Cam-centered summoning-campaign some time during early July '17:

Not much of a chance of that making it into the “dead week” for NA, or is there? Would be interested in getting Prince Lir - Bedivere - to NP5 that way.

I saw that too but apparently FGO the Stage was a play that happened in theatres in Japan only, so I’m not sure if NA will receive the same campaign :catroll:
But if they do release the campaign in NA, then it would probably be put in that week between the summer rerun and Dead Heat.

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aniplex should license fgo the stage so they don’t have to reskin this banner to something else

also becaue fgo the stage is the best adaptation of fgo

Oof. Neither am I.

I will do everything for my waifu! TRAITOR!!!

I’m also expecting the interlude, specially because I have been preparing Astolfo’s 3rd skill.

Hope it happens right after this event. I want my Lottery right now.
To answer your question:We don’t know lol they can fuck around with the schedule till whenever.