2020 Servant Goals

With a new year comes a whole new roster of Servants.

No doubt at the very top of the list is the long-awaited Skadi, harbinger and vanguard of the Quick Meta.

The extra rare SR Archer Asagami Fujino also makes her appearance this year with her one (and literally only) summon banner during the Kara no Kyoukai event rerun.

Fan favorite Semiramis comes to us with this year’s Valentines event. Let’s hope the chocolates don’t contain some of her special concoctions.

Summer is always an exciting time as it brings a multitude of new Servants like the card-locking Summer BB, and NP Looping Jeanne Archer.

Not to mention the new LB Servants we’ll be getting now that the main story’s Part 2 is upon us, plus the many event reruns we will be getting this year.

So who all is everyone aiming for? Are you aiming to get them for simply waifu/husbando reasons? Or perhaps you need them for your dream team (like a certain Ruler we’re getting this year) to make your fights go more efficiently or smoother.

For the more F2P inclined players, how do you plan to divide your SQ this year? And do you have any special methods you use to make saving, and resisting the bait banners along the way, easier?

Come share your goals and methods, and maybe help others decide who to roll for and how to save better.


Just gonna move this here so we don’t clutter the other thread with off-topic stuff :upside_down_face:

They aren’t here for a while yet though.

I’m guessing you’re saving any and all SQ you can for them?


Yah, more-or-less. Helps that there’re also a bunch of Servants I just… don’t care enough for, but yeah. See like, I have a lot of Servants I like - truthfully I like to super like most of the cast, though definitely have an upper echelon of adored and loved - and because of that I force myself into pickiness. Sometimes thirst is the deciding factor, sometimes gameplay, sometimes both.

I intend to poke the Setsubun banner a little bit at least though. Golden’s a pal.

  1. Acquire Skadi NP1 and Dantes NP2 for QoL.
  2. Cut back on acquisition of new Servants otherwise and focus on leveling up the skills on those I’ve been neglecting due to mat-gating.
  3. Specifically invest in skills for my Arts roster now that I have more strong Arts DPS options, like Hokusai, available. It’s time for Tamamo to get her bones.

I’ve already provided a list of my top 7:

To be honest, I don’t have to many more besides this list in mind for this year. Summer Jeanne and Ibaraki Lancer would be the honorable mentions who didn’t make the top 7; I don’t really need another AoE SSR Archer though, Jaguar/LAlter/(Hopefully) Bryn meet my Crit Lancer needs.

Most of these picks for waifu and gameplay - Skadi and Anastasia are the exceptions. Skadi, like Merlin, is pure gameplay for me; and Ana really isn’t spectacular as a Caster (she’s good in my opinion - just not spectacular) but she’s my queen so I’ve gotta try.

I am interested in how people manage to avoid that summoning itch though - after Summer, I won’t have anyone in mind for the rest of the year. How do others avoid just splurging their SQ whenever they see something shiny?


Do you just hold on to your SQ until you reach the banner you want?

I tend to end up rolling on random banners even for someone who isn’t one of my top tier picks. :rofl:

I started keeping my SQ in my present box and my fragments from master missions so that my available SQ for summoning is on the lower end. Can’t be tempted to roll so easily if I have to trouble myself by claiming them first. :upside_down_face:


Absolute main priority is Summer BB above all else, my main goal is to get her at least NP2 but gacha giveth and gacha taketh so I’m not setting my expectations particularly high. Achilles and Nyanta Alter are high priority as well (still kinda undecided how I wanna roll when it comes to their banners), as is Okita Alter but I feel like I might just wait for another rate-up.

I’m kinda on the fence about Skadi in all honesty because as much as I know how great she is and everything, I really can’t bring myself to go the long haul for her specifically. At most, I might just do a few multis but nothing excessive.

Once summer is gone and done with, it’s waiting time for Pretty Face Masked Boy and Neethime’s rerun


I will say using the summon simulator on GP kinda helps me save. I can just hit it 10 times, see that I don’t get anyone, and move on. It’s kinda like a nicotine patch; doesn’t solve the root problem, but distracts you just long enough.


Same. Though the desire for her is a little higher now since I just got the 3rd of the 4 Support Kings/Queen’s.

My remaining goals for this year are Shiki and Summer BB. Shiki, sadly, will only have what little SQ I have left after rolling for Eresh and Oui plus anything I get between now and then.

Skadi will get one 10-roll but no more than that since BB comes right after.


BTW, I added details to my comment, in case you missed it since I edited while you were responding.

Depends. I’ve had enough experiences on both ends of the spectrum to have a healthy medium. Considering I don’t already feel obligated to roll for a Servant merely because they exist (IMO, a lot of Servants are functionally “fluff” mechanically, at the very least), and know what I want, I budget select portions for my medium banners, then save the rest for the big ones. If I don’t intend to roll, I won’t roll, easy enough… generally.

I keep SQ/ST in my present box and remind myself of who I want most. Like one fine, gorgeous, powerful lady: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/78096222
That’s typically enough. I don’t want, nor need, everything or many or w/e… especially when I already have a substantial amount of currently released favorites (Enkidu, Jeanne, Penthesilea, etc). Makes it all the easier to be selective on my own terms.

Chasing NP levels for DPS favorites is in there somewhere, too, but lol, RNG and scarce SQ.


Since thanksgiving, I found myself fairly low on desire so I think I will adhere to a policy to only roll on Great Success (which presumably has only 2% probability so I probably will be drowning on SQs this year: start the new year at 493 + 80 unclaimed SQs from Camelot-Solomon completion reward, master mission fragments and new year present).

That is to say, I am not saving for anyone per se but I do have some target of interests:

  1. Sherlock Holmes: He is so cool in the story. I really want him to be my first SSR Extra Class Servant.
  2. Either Skadi or Waver: To replace Merlin (who should be max bond in 3-6 months) in farming duty. If I have neither of them, I guess I have to wait for the bond grails.
  3. Getting SSR for the remaining classes that I lack in my Support list (e.g. Void Shiki for a cool Saber)
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My aims are a bit undefined as of now, but no rolling at all for 6 months till skadi comes, no tickets or sq.

  1. Skadi, and recently got shishou should make this a even more higher priority.
  2. Eresh and lanling wang, mainly, but I can go and give in to any banner in between since they are not really that high since shishou answered my summons and I got cas gil as well recently, might put some sq into mothman as well, since he is supposed to be all powerful :smiley:

There is no hidden aim at all


I try to get the most out of my SQ’s so I only aim for the limited or Story-Locked Servants and hope to get spooked by general pool Servants along the way. I also primarily play with Arts teams so that helps limit the Servants I want meaning I have more SQ to save.

High Priorities

  • Poster Girl CE - If we get the Okita Banner
  • Salieri - Attempt to NP 5 him from the Extra Class GSSR
  • Summer Jeanne
  • Summer Medb

Low Priorities

  • Okada Izou - I initially planned to roll for him during the KYOMAF 2018 Banner but now I’m not so sure due to how the KYOMAF 2017 Banner was mixed into Thanksgiving
  • Skadi - Don’t play Quick teams but a targetable 50% NP battery is always useful
  • Sitonai
  • QSH

Plans are pretty simple for this year. Settle in a bit and start hoarding up quartz again. Will try seriously for Skadi and Sitonai. Anyone else that I’m interested in will get a set of 5 tickets and that will decide how things play out.

Reasoning for my targets is pretty straight forward. I like what I’ve seen of Skadi’s character and the gameplay angle mixed in with that nicely to create someone that I’d like to try for. With Sitonai it is a few things. One of the classes I don’t have one 5* for is Alter Ego. I like Illya’s character in various works so that is another point. And I like the gameplay style and animations I’ve seen for Sitonai.

Beyond that, just going to focus on leveling new servants I’ve gotten and will get (mostly welfares going forward). The quiet portion of the year when I’m not pulling is a good time to level up skills of servants I really like and try out different team compositions. 2020 has a lot of cool servants to be sure. But since I’m not spending beyond making sure I can pull on GSSRs, might as well just keep things simple.

My Servant Goals for 2020 are:
For the 4*, Tomoe, Parvati and Sheba that I missed last year, Nyalter and Valkyrie.
For the 5*, Okitalter, Napoleon, Skadi, Jarcher, BB summer, Yskandar and Waver ( the F/Zero event is back and I really want them)
I think it’s manageable without spending much, I got the same number of 5* last year. But well, gacha hell is always lurking around

Hokusai (getto!)
Void (GSSR)
Fujino x2
Arthur (final copy)
Izou x5
Dantès x2
Jarcher x2
Summer BB
Saber Medb
Saber Diarmuid
Cú Alter
Consort Yu

Not nearly as long as my list from this year…which is nice :sweat_smile:


Ha, I literally started doing this.

It accumulates quickly.

My only real target this year is probably Consort Yu. The others are great and all, but really, i just want Yu in my Chaldea.

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Scathach (Lancer) - Waiting for her rate up this new years banner
Tamamo - Might roll for her this banner if Shishou’s SQ cost is not that much (Almost at 930 SQs & 27 tickets right now)
Fujino - Might spend a little for her
Skadi - Will whale if needed (especially since Dantes came from the GSSR and Quick memes are coming)
Iskandar + Berserkerlot - Yeah, because I really like them both.

Other than that, Jalter (in thanksgiving if she’s there) and if I have some SQ allowance and Qin Shi Huang looks interesting but not really a need for me. The rest of the year will probably be for hardass hoarding only for Karna and Arjuna Alter in 2021. :+1:

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  1. Bb summer + mhx summer
  2. Skadi
  3. Nero caster

If you look closely these banners are right next to each other :fgo_casgilworry:
At least i have a ton of sq and tickets still left after eresh :catskully: