2021 Merge Project Thread

I haven’t noticed a single thread about merge projects made in 2021, so here we are lol. Figured I’d share my progress here, but I also am curious as to how you guys are getting on, so be sure to comment on this topic!

First order of the day is showing my now fully maxed out Florina! The dragonflowers were a pain to get but I am now proud to say that my first ever 5*+10 is fully complete! :fgo_ereshlove: She also becomes my 3rd unit to get maxed out flowers, the other being M!Lachesis and Resplendent Eliwood.

Now I can finally start giving the flier dragonflowers to my M!Eldigan.

Merge projects I am currently working on:

The biggest progress I’ve made so far has got to be with Jeorge. I got him all the way up to +5/5 in the space of around 2-3 weeks! Sadly I have only 1 more copy of him left, so I fear he might be stuck at +6 for quite a while once I give him the final merge I can.

Eldigan has gone up from +5 the last time posted all the way up to +7, mostly thanks to the free grails in the daily login. He’ll get his dragonflowers soon enough and I’m 29 trait fruits away from giving him a +ATK IV (I won’t be giving them to my +10/13 Sophia for +SPD as I posted somewhere else lol She’ll have to settle for waiting until I get a copy with the right boon)

Palla has gone up from +6 to +7, but sadly I have no more copies of her and Tailtiu hasn’t made any progress due to my terrible RNG lol As soon as I find a project and get really far, the RNG gods become stingy with the copies. Typical :feh_eirikabulli:

Merge projects I will start working on soon:

The moment that Veld dropped and I saw how good his art is, I knew I’d make him my future grail project and the fact that he has a unique PRF is just the icing on the cake. Of course, as usual when a cool grail project drops, I’m in the middle of merging another one lol I like the idea of making his kit to not only cripple with Petrify, but support with a Joint Hone Skill and a dual Rally, so that way he can also be useful once a map drags and 5 turns pass and be a great magic wall too!

Ferdinand is one of the characters I like a lot from Three Houses and I actually have 11 copies of him! If I don’t get any copies of Palla, Jeorge or Tailtiu in the meantime, I’ll work on him as soon as I get Jeorge up to +6 and Veld up to +2. I could really do with a good calvary wall, and Ferdinand has great mixed bulk potential for sure! That and it’d be nice to have a +10 horse unit other than Eliwood.

So with my wall of the text out of the way, please feel free to share yours and if you could give advice to any of my current or planned out builds it’d be great. I’d be also happy to help with your builds if you want advice :slightly_smiling_face:


I thought that Veld idea of yours was for Arena for a sec and was about to question the special, but it works if he’s meant to be useful anywhere. Might I suggest a Ruse on em? Could be useful to cripple foes even further with more stats and Guard

Also yay for Ferdie :ferdysmile:

Not much really going on for me atm. Tanya got another merge so only 3 more needed there, otherwise just waiting for Felix to drop in the Grail shop


A ruse skill is a good shout actually! I was considering a Lull for extra bulk and atk, but that’s probably even better.

At one point I had 15 copies of Ferdinand counting both manuals and barracks, so that’s a subtle sign the game was giving me I couldn’t ignore lol Good luck getting more Tanya copies btw!


The only merge project I have going on right now is Petrine, who I’m just waiting for her rerun for the last merge. Currently looking for someone to do next. Kinda hoping a green mage demote will happen soon because we haven’t had one in such a long time.


I finally have a post gen 3 project. Now to wait for more copies (and a +Def or maybe Spd IV)


Very nice! A +SPD boon is probably the most optimal, considering how speed based a lot of the new units are becoming and Miranda has the potential to reach a decent enough speed stat at +10, especially if you give her flowers

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Working on a fairly generic Berkut. I like Berkut as a character a lot in SoV. In Feh he’s fairly solid for most content. Primarily I’m +10’ing him to have a second Valentia rep for Resonant/The current quest thingy going on right now.

I will say I’m not super excited because I do have a lot of Blue Cavs maxed out already (Panne, Reinhardt, Jagen).

I’m thinking of working on Tanya next because I only have one +10 Bow unit (B!Lyn) and with some of these recent Limited Compile units I can mess around and create something unique.


No advice for your builds here, seems like you know exactly what you’re doing. Nice work!

As for me, I have way too many going on. Maybe an unhealthy amount. So here’s just a few of them I’ve been actively working on:


Made some progress on her from the topic I started the other day, and I’m happy with how she’s coming along. Still haven’t decided on an A-slot.

Hes been slow since i can only get him to +5.


Finally updated his build. I did have to spend more orbs for Hilda’s lance than I would’ve liked (79 iirc), but otherwise on track to finish him this year.

If I’m gonna merge Seliph, might as well start merging Julia, too!

pls no booli their weapons I have no stones ;-;


That’s a very nice Picnic Lukas and Seliph you’ve got there! Swift Sparrow or another Solo skill would be nice to give to L’Arachel, her HP might be a bit low for Fury.


I don’t really have much going one but as for 5 star projects I just hope to get that last Triandra copy

For 4 star i am planning on starting Saizo when I get the feathers


Currently prioritizing 3 projects that I look to finish this month.

*Ilyana +8
*L Dimitri +4
*F Julia +5

I’ve finished Ced and Miranda recently this month.

Side projects

*Natasha (have 3 copies)
*S Hana (I have the grails just not sure on the build yet)
*Lewyn +4 (haven’t decided yet since I hardly ever use him anymore)

I have alot more in the works,but I’m not in any hurry to finish them.


My merge projects (to +10) are
5 star:
Grail Projects:

That’s all for now but the list might grow


After a long time, I finally used some grails to do this :

The build is nothing new, but she is able to tank L!Lilina and it’s fun, no regrets.

My main project now is Ilyana, need 3 more copies. I can’t wait to max merge my favorite unit. I am considering to max merge W!Felix too but a single armor in arena looks painful.


Cordelia is done, so my next order of business is finishing Cecilia.

After her, I’m not sure… Maybe Resplendant Marth? I have Ruse fodder for him…

I have three main Grail projects I want to tackle:

And my Legendary/Mythic projects:

If I get a bunch of Dimitris pulling for Julia this month, he might get added to the list too.


In terms of 5* projects, I mostly only have these 2 :

Went all the way for her Brave Alt, so whenever the occasion arrives, I’ll try to finish her off. image

Sanaki should get a Weekly Revival in not too long, so I’m hoping to finish her off as well there. :feh_flaynsmile:

In terms of Grail projects, I have my Julius almost done :

Will give him the +Spd Boon whenever he hits +10, and maybe I’ll be able to get Mirror Stance 3 fodder for him as well. :feh_flaynfish:

And when Julius will be done, I’ll be looking forward to +10 this dude :

Will probably end up giving him a Res Boon with maybe a few changes here and there in his skillset.

And in terms of 3-4 *, I just finished this Winter Lady : image

Went +Res because I can switch out to her Super-Tank build on her on a whim with no drawbacks. image

And whenever I have 20K feathers but not enough grails, I pour them into this good lad :

He should be done in a matter of weeks and I’m looking forward to it. :feh_camillamug:


I was gonna make one of these because we haven’t had anything for a while, good thing I didn’t, thanks :feh_birbpeek:

Anyway, here are mine :cat:

In progess



Working on Joshua right now

Once I’m done, I’ll start working on these ones in this order

Actively merging

A more awkward spot of “will merge the copies I get, but won’t actively pull for them”

Ignore all their build/seals. Most of it is a WIP :catroll:


Working on these two right now

3-4* I’d like to finis this year

3-4* I’d like to start this year

Plus holding out hope that my boys Ashe and Franz get added as demotes

5* exclusives

Honestly idk if I’ll chase copies of any of these except the mythics/legendaries, since they’re so busted as is already.


I have too many.

Cute mage 1

Cute mage 2 (not sure what im doing with this build)

Cute priestess 1

Cute priestess 2



-Summer Rhys
-Oliver??? Less sure everyday that passess
-a lot more ;;

Complete So Far

Three done so far. Seliph was an ongoing project, and is mostly for funsies. Miranda was one of my most wanted units for the game so I’m very glad she was cooperative. Also L!Lilina was a big focus during the legendary banner, because she’s one of my favorites and the AR benefits of the units color sharing was too much to ignore (also I had dragons who needed Attack/Res Rein). So pretty good so far! Also oh god they’re all red, that’s a good indicator for this year.

Commons and Grails

Lots of grails. Clarisse is pretty much done, and I might just consider her done and hope for either a free copy some day if they do quests for the rotation units, or a resplendent. Please make resplendents for grail units. Eremiya is waiting for her rerun, and the inevitable extra rerun with the anniversary. Kagero was one I started a while back, put on the back burner for options I was more excited about, but have come back to. I’ve decided she needs an impact skill and something more player phase oriented, but the variety will be nice. Rinea has been a godsend on AR-O, and can…actually fight like this pretty decently, so I’m planning to build her up too.

They’re all pretty close to finished, though. It’s about time I start considering the next round. I’m honestly considering Bartre. I need more axe units, I’ve only merged up three and one of them is Titania who’s pure support! I’m also thinking Arvis might be the next grail unit, but we’ll see what happens between now and then.


Fiora and Eyvel have been really long-term projects. I may try for Fiora on the skill revival banners, and if Eyvel is on the BHB with Osian and Tanya (like she almost definitely is) I’ll have to make some choices. Brave Edelgard was an accident. She was +2 from the Brave banner and a random pitybreaker, but decided that any time there were no red stones on Legendary Lilina’s banner that it was her time to shine. She’s now higher merged than B!Lysithea, who was my target on the Brave banner. Thanks, Edelgard.

And of course, Sara. Who I would sell my soul for, but this banner is being such a butt. She’s gonna have to be a long-term project because she’s sure not cooperating now, and I’m certain a Thracia banner will never win the popular vote for a rerun with a spark, so…maybe some day, Sara. Maybe some day.