2022 GSSR - What are your plans?

While the next GSSR is still quite far away, with Spishtar’s debut, the year of wallet-hell is mostly behind us (unless you are rolling for Super Orion), and as such, I figured I might as well open the thread ahead of time so people can share their plans for the banner.

As a side topic, share your GSSR luck while at it. Namely, if you rolled on previous GSSRs, who did you get? Were they a target? A dud? Or maybe a bit of a pleasant surprise?

Now, let me open with my own plans. First let’s summarize the banner itself.

  • Nine separate banners divided by classes, with only limited SSRs
  • Extra classes are divided into Ruler/Avenger and AE/MC/Foreigner banners
  • The usual 15 paid 15 free SQ system

Next, let’s break down the “meta-ratio” of each banner. Top picks are meta loopers, supports, or CQ specialists, duds are servants with bad internals, weak skills, unwieldy gimmicks, or all of the above. The rest can be generally considered to be good, but not amazing. Note that for the sake of simplification, I’m going to be very harsh on categorizing someone a “dud” here, but won’t be giving names to avoid things spiraling into a tiering argument.

  • Saber: Eight servants, one top-pick, four duds.
  • Archer: Six servants, two top-picks, one dud.
  • Lancer: Four servants, no top-pick, no dud.
  • Rider: Five servants, two top-picks, one dud.
  • Casters: Six servants, two top-picks, one dud.
  • Assassin: Six servants, one top-pick, one dud.
  • Zerkers: Six servants, three top-picks, one dud.
  • Extra 1: Eight servants, three top-picks, two duds.
  • Extra 2: Seven servants, three top-picks, two duds.

Based on this extremely objective and eminently scientific analysis, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • If you are a new player and you just want to maximize the chances to getting something useful at the very least, the Archer and Zerker banners provide the best opportunity.
  • The Saber banner has by far the greatest chance of giving you a sub-par servant.
  • For total newbies, the Caster banner is the best bet as usual, as Merlin or Skadi are by far the highest value servants of the entire GSSR.
  • While the Lancer banner is probably the weakest one, if you want to specifically get any of the featured servants, it still has the highest chance to get you them because it’s the smallest pool.

Now here’s my actual plan: I’ll either roll on the Archer banner (because I won’t roll for Orion on his banner, and I didn’t get Jarcher, while I wouldn’t mind an NP upgrade on the others), or Lancer (since I only have Eresh, and I wouldn’t mind another NP level on her either). In terms of raw usefulness, the Zerker banner would be preferable, as I only have Junao and USAshi. On the flip-side, I have them at NP2, while the ST ones are going to be power-crept by Uncle Vlad in eight months anyway.

Now, as for the side-topic: My GSSR experience so far has been fairly lucky. I missed the first GSSR because of my hiatus, but on my second, I got Enkidu, who turned out to be a tremendously useful soloer in some tricky CQs. After that, I came back to the game for good, and I started building up my roster by filling in the holes in the various roles, and one of my biggest early gripe was not having a strong AOE Archer. Lo and behold, on the next NY GSSR, I got Tesla, who was my main Archer until DSS Atalante. Next summer was the anni with Skadi, and I was really hyped for the DSS meta, and the game was nice enough to give me Skadi really easily and, as a bonus, I got Dantes on the GSSR (and then I got him to NP2 on a YOLO multi during the summer event, good times). The next NY GSSR was a bit of a dud, as I only got Iskandar, who’s not terrible, but he’s a single-turn Buster burst damage dealer in the heyday of the Quick meta. Then came this year’s anni, which was… bittersweet, to say the least. I originally didn’t plan to roll for Junao, but after all the discussions and seeing how people kept saying NP1 is enough, I kept throwing more money at him than I was comfortable with (I blame the stupid sunk cost fallacy), but in the end I got him. Then the GSSR gave me another copy…

Now it’s your turn. Where are you going to roll, what are your expectations, and what are you past experiences? Share away!


I’ll be rolling Avenger/Ruler for NY. Most of the Servants on it I don’t have or wouldn’t mind an extra NP level on. I ended Spishtar’s banner at NP4, so it could be a lucky NP5 finish, or for the other jackpot, someone with unique utility like Sherlock or QSH.
Even Maou would be a nice roll just to run Nobukatsu crit later. Amakusa/Dantes are probably the most eh rolls, and an NP level on Jalter would be uninspiring at this point.

For 5th anni I’ll be rolling for the most recent time period of Servants, as my rolls wound down ~Summer 4. This banner has the most amount of good Servants I don’t own, or who I could take a free NP level for (Lolivinci/Spishtar’s final copies).
It’s also the best 4* pool for me - a ‘free’ Summer Melt would be grand, but a story lock I like such as Caenis would also be great as I won’t otherwise roll for her.

As for previous luck:
2020 NY GSSR - Moriarty
2021 NY GSSR - Arthur
4th anni GSSR - Cleopatra (NP2)

These were all despair or low end rolls. As such I expect nothing.


going to roll Ruler/Avenger since Dantès is one of my favorites and he didn’t come on Summer 3’s rerun, and GSSRs are the only way to get him now. :feh_morganagrom:
Jalter is also a GSSR target of mine and I’d also be really happy if Amakusa showed up. I’d really be fine with anyone from the lineup except Rulertoria.
Sherlock’s a nice character and is a pretty good unit, QSH is a great unit for CQs and other content, Ishtar Poptart is neat and I like her second ascension, and Avenger Nobu has that top tier pako art (but is a dud gameplay wise unfortunately).

I don’t know the exact pools for the 5th anni GSSR yet (from the post above, they look to be separated by time of release?) but I think I’ll go for Dantès, Jalter, Jarcher, Merlin, or Skadi (if the latter two don’t come on their next reruns) depending on which one is in the most desirable pool for me.

My first and only past GSSR roll was from the most recent anni, and I rolled Knights and got Sigurd (as well as my first two copies of Proto Cú, which I was most happy about at the time).
While I was meh towards Sigurd at first, he’s slowly grown on me and I like him a lot more now. :fgo_ereshlove: I’m looking forward to seeing him in Summer 5 and unlocking his costume :eyes:


Good luck with the Skadi rerun & Dantes husbando GSSR.

5th anni is release date based, I think roughly 1 for each year of FGO.


Probably gonna go with caster since I’d be pretty happy with anyone there, although archer is pretty tempting as well so that’s an option


Not good luck with past gssrs unfortunately, mhx was my first and while I like her I haven’t used her much until this event released thanks to me having kama and jack, the last gssr qas my worst case scenario though, maou nobbu. This one is almost certainly gonna be good though so I’m hopeful.




Mama Nobu will eventually build a dream crit meme team with double Nobukatsu and backline BUSTAH buffers.


I’m rolling the foreigner/moon cancer/alter ego one hunting for Kingprotea.

My first GSSR i got Moriarty and Melt. I was new and couldn’t level Moriarty at all so he sat there for months. Melt carried me hard.
Second one was Sherlock. Kagaing stuff is fun sometimes.
Third was Maid alter. She’s hot.
And the fourth was Okita alter. She’s also hot. Man I thought that alter ego card was KP

Still hoping for KP but please don’t give me Kiara to troll me game



At 87.5% chance of a new servant and 12.5% chance of NP2 Astarte it is by far the best banner for me.

Also everything else has huge chances of dupes I don’t want so it’s technically my only choice.

First and second gave me NP2 Sanzang and Illya respectively. Sanzang kind of made Illya redundant to this day but… Moving on.

Third one me Ereshkigal dupe but considering how weak her NP1 was it was a welcome improvement.

Fourth gave me Napoleon… Ngl I was hoping for Ishtar or Gil and currently I barely use him because of his weak NP.

Fifth one I got a Kintoki dupe, which was underwhelming but my roll immediately after on the Benienma banner gave me Arjuna so I was happy.

Sixth was Arthur, he is weak but he is cool and is not Musashi so I was really happy.


Berserker for chance at NP1 Kintoki or NP6 Arjuna Alter for completely unnecessary extra Servant coins.

Rider could give me NP5 Vinci or NP1 Broskandar, but I’ll take my chances with Berserker, I think.


Yeah, but she’s not really worth the investment of materials for me imo.


My one and only time I did GSSR I got a Skadi dupe

NY 2022 I’ll probably do the Berserker banner for 100% chance of a new servant

Anniversary I will likely go with the 2016/17 banner for a chance of Merlin again, I have too many Buster servants that would benefit from having him around


Her mats aren’t crazy, you’ll have them spare eventually.


Maybe, but she’s pretty low priority tbh, 4/4/4 is good enough for now imo.

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I think I’ve used her like 3 times


Nobukatsu is free however; my point is she will at least have a fun smash with crits team eventually that legit makes up for her meh kit.


This is for most Avengers not named Space Ishtar because eggs.


True enough, I do like big crits


I’m going for Extra 1 this year. Hoping for NP2 Jalter or Space Ishtar, but I’ll take someone new like Dantes or QSH too

Past ups and downs:
1st Anni: Hoped for BerserCu, got Medb, the one I wanted least, which is ironic considering she’s the reason he exists
4th Anni: NP2 Semi. My personal best so far on this account

New Yang’s: MHX, the one I wanted the most. My first GSSR on that account and current best

Abi New Year’s: From this past new year’s. I was aiming for Space Ishtar since she hadn’t gotten her rerun yet on JP and got Abi there and also from the general pool on NA. An easy personal worst. Not that I have anything against Abi, but I didn’t need another Foreigner on either account. At least on a brighter note, I finally had an SSR of every class on NA so that’s something