2023 Community Day speculation

We have the release dates for the next set of Community Days and while the original starter/pseudo-legendary cycle of a few years ago is gone, its worth speculating what the next few CD picks will be, even if only for the bragging rights!

My guesses:

Jan CD - Girafarig (gotta sell those S&V games)
Jan CD classic - Metagross (tie-in to another event/season?)
Feb CD - something totally PvP-oriented and vanilla…Vanilluxe! Give it Weatherball and call it done. :+1: :ice_cream:
March CD - Chespin

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Water shuriken was found in game codes earlier by Pokeminers, hence Greninja CD might be near…

Just saying for fun, why not Cosmog community day ?


Next Halloween could/should :stuck_out_tongue: be Dragapult or Aegislash.

Haxorus is also a candidate.

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I could see Pawmi being the first CD for a Gen 9 Pokémon. It’s a 3 stage line, is an electric rodent like Pikachu, and its final form has a type combo that wasn’t seen before. Plus, Pawmi was generally well-received as soon as people saw it.

For Pawmot’s CD move, they could either go with something like Volt Switch, Fire/Ice Punch for coverage purposes, or its signature move Double Shock. In Scarlet/Violet, the latter move causes the user to lose its Electric-type and thus it usually can only be used once. In Pokémon GO, Double Shock would probably just be an ATK-self-debuffing move like Psycho Boost or Leaf Storm.

Jan CD, probably something ice-related with an, at best, sidegrade PvP move
Jan Classic - Larvitar - because I’m predicting mega-Ttar will be out before mega-Metagross
Feb - Something that will be in the Hoenn tour with a pointless move
March - Hydro-cannon for Greninja. Water shuriken to be the equivalent of Blaze-kick, muddy water etc.

Also, because we haven’t had one for a year: August - Eevee weekend.

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How can we have Froakie CD before Chespin and Fennekin? I don’t believe. Greninja isn’t useful in any format either, despite its popularity. The Ash form stat change has been removed in the newest MSG, so Ash-Greninja won’t be a thing in GO. Totally boring CD. Chesnaught with FP is way more useful in PvP and as a budget grass attacker in PvE.

Dunno really, just thought they might go for Froakie first with water shuriken having arrived in the code. I know the others have all stuck to some kind of formula but niantic aren’t exactly well known for sticking to patterns.

I disagree that Greninja would mean it’s a boring CD, granted I don’t need it, but lots will. It’s comfortably got the highest attack stat of the water starters, so with HC will out-DPS all other water starters (plus a host of other things) and it only just falls in behind Kingler. Pretty impressive for a starter coming into its CD after 700-pokemon are released.

Chesnaut will be decent and only decent. The list of species that could be useful in one GBL league or another and are also budget PvE attackers runs to about 400 candidates, so I don’t know what makes that a “better” CD than 15 of the last 20 CDs.

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Glad we agree on Vanilluxe then! :laughing:

Larvitar is an interesting thought and its certainly been a while but I think Metagross ties in better with the Hoenn event. There are already 10 separate Gen III 'mon that have received a CD, I doubt they will add another one. :crossed_fingers:

Greninja I’m guessing will be July, following the grass>fire>water pattern. Makes sense for Water Shuriken to be a sudden release a la Blaze Kick, etc. Highest non-shadow/mega DPS ain’t too bad either. :wink:

Best all-time counter to Gunfisk? I’m game! :laughing: And IIRC it will be the best ‘vanilla’ grass-type for raids. Overall, not a bad CD considering how absolutely packed the rosters are these days!

I am even thinking of Weavile or Tangrowth.

Both of them have good stats, and can soar even higher.

I want to have one Greninja. Who knows how Water Shuriken helps it. Atleast it can threaten massive damage due to its high attack.

Yep, they’ve made a big deal over Vanilluxe so far and so it’s a top candidate.

I’d not thought of the classic CD being Hoenn related too, so…what about…slakoth!!!

I ran the very quick numbers of PvE Chesnaut and it doesn’t match Sceptile’s DPS but it doesn’t fall far behind and it’s much tougher. Countering Gunfisk is, of course, a massive plus for it.

What exactly do you mean with that? That Ash-Greninja exists in Scarlet/Violet and actually lost the stat increase it had back in Gen 7 (only Gen where it was available btw) or that the form simply doesn‘t exist in Scarlet/Violet? Because those are two VERY different things, and the latter wouldn‘t matter at all since it is already in the game code anyways, so they‘ll surely release it at some point.

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HC Greninja is just a poor man’s Kingler that needs legacy move. No attraction to me at all. I’m highly interested in HC Primarina, which is expected to make massive wave in both PvE and PvP. (I got 64 lucky Poplio so far but still no hundo!)
If you really want a water glass cannon, the Gen 8 Inteleon is your target. Greninja simply doesn’t have enough stats to shine in any format.

In the S/V database, several mon from earlier generations got changes in the base stats, most notably Cresselia, Zacian and Zamazenta both forms. Ash-Greninja’s base stats are now identical to regular Greninja, meaning that the effect of the ability Battle Bond has changed to damage boost instead of base stat boost, in a similar way as Azumarill’s Huge Power and Medicham’s Pure Power. Essentially the Ash form is just cosmetic from now on.

Now there is Virizion in UL, but GL still lacks an ultimate G-fisk killer.

Primarina has 9 more attack and far better bulk, despite a worse fast move, still much more useful overall than poor Greninja.

What if Water Shuriken turns out to be a fast move…

Also, 3 Pokémon can learn this across generations: Greninja, Accelgor, Stakataka.

And first 2 are good candidates for CD.

You sure about Stakataka? I don‘t remember that at all, and it also wouldn‘t mane any sense on the Pokemon. I‘m quite sure Greninja and Accelgor are the only ones thag can learn it (besides Smeargle of course).

Well shoot. That sucks big time…

I am also in doubt, the Pokedex app which I use shows it.

But issue is that is shown in Gen-6 and Stakataka was launched in 7th gen.