2nd copy of Nott Skill inheritance or merge

I was thinking about inheriting skills to my units to prepare for the AR defense. Should I Merge or skill inherit?

I would keep them separate, double Nótt can be funny on AR-D


Keep two.

Make similar formation.

No longer watch defense replays (because people surrender immediately.)




An honorable player would fodder for atk/spd menace and DC.
An average player would use 2 of them on his AR defense map because the game mode is AIDS.


What about the player that uses three on AR-D and fodders the fourth for Atk/Spd Menace + DC?


Better idea: use two and a Dagr for color coverage :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

Totally not because I only have 2 Notts


They are the lowest scum.
I hate those guys.


With a pretty good far save unit, double Nott, Duo Lif and whatever cavalry that isn’t a big nuke like the new Elise can be dealt with fairly well if you approach the map smartly.

I hate, and I do mean HATE more defense teams with save balls that have Hector and Fjorm featuring Sara, Muspell, Nifl and any extra unit since I have nothing in my barracks that can deal with them. Ever since Fjorm was released, I have faced at least two variations of that team per week and automatically lost.

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This formation just needs one Far Saver to be unbeatable.

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I’ve been toying with switching Leggy to SeLeifs spot and placing Hardi Nagi in her place… Still undecided.

not really, but perhaps it still works in lower tiers. Since save balls exist this comp is pretty much dead IMO.

I had a double Nott line with Sigurd and a far save Bector and lost almost every day to extremely basic save ball teams. I didn’t have a +10 Laegjarn or a +10 Eirika though tbf. ;)