2nd Merge Team

Hello users after finishing my first merge team a couple of months ago I decided to make a second one with some different units and here is the start of this team I have most of their builds done I just need to get more copies and sp. I would love to hear thoughts.


Hello user. The first thing I’m going to do is @Banini because the only picture that has loaded on my phone right now is Klein. The second thing is to say that topics require subcategories.


Looks pretty nice :feh_birbpeek:
I particularly like how everyone does double duty as fighter and support :feh_legion:

Though I can’t really recommend using Catria on a team without 2 other fliers. At that point units like Cordelia and Shigure would be better. Though if you just really like Catria go for it. She’ll still do well :feh_catria:


Catria and Marth! You have good taste my friend

But please set subcategories and tags for any future topics. Anyways here’s my Marth (still can’t get my hands on the last copy)

That Catria looks sorta… interesting. Obv fury 3, mine is going to be running fury 4 and ruptured sky.

One problem I have with your team, (which isn’t really a problem it’s just not how I personally build teams) is that all of them are supporting. Catria seems to be the one who’s the star here, but without here whitewing refine she sorta falls behind compared to other flyers. And double guidance is… alright I suppose. Maybe consider running Cherche as more of a full offense build and Catria is fine the ways she is. But otherwise the team looks pretty nice!


Subcategories? Please? I’m crying


I know I’m dying, since Ani left they have faded into myth alone

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Thanks for the input the idea for Catria was the idea that she allows her team to stay close together while Marty tanks and Cherche and Klein do the heavy hitting. But I also wanted her to be able to proc the desperation but I probably could give her some better fodder

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