2nd Ylgr



So I had gotten my first Ylgr from her Debut Banner (+Atk -Res), and as of right now (Not even an hour after posting this) I got a second one from the beast banner (+Atk -Def).

I have honestly no clue what to do with them.

Merging- I mean…they’d be both +Atk after…though That would be obvious who to use.

Inherit- Keeping a possible Spd Tactic or Sorcery Blade (Not Chill Speed; I have Panne) could be nice…

Keep- Self Explanitory.

If you seen my other posts…I got no clue what to do with second copies of certain units. So If you got a good choice to choose here, I’d like to hear it.


I’d probably fodder her Sorcery Blade if I’m being completely honest. It’s not that great of a skill in my opinion, but it could create some pretty interesting plays that would otherwise be impossible when using certain units.

Sounds like a fun skill to use as well.


Apparently, Anna can use Sorcery Blade. Don’t know how that works but yeah. Probably due to her refine which allows her to warp around.


I believe any non beast physical infantry can use it. So swords, axes, lances, bows and daggers I think.


Literally no one can use it lol.


Yeah its pretty limited. The next to a magic ally doesn’t help either. Its a tough skill to use effectively. Being in the A slot doesn’t help either, since LOTS of good skills are in that slot.


Still sad about sorcery blade. It was already dead when they released it


Has anyone tried it with L-Lucina? Seems like it could be interesting…

Just pulled my first Ylgr, and could probably really use Spd Tactic somewhere, but just considering all the options.


Honestly speed tactic


Fodder speed tactic!!!