3-8 locked

Slow but steady progress through the story but 3-8 is a killer to beat. The threshold buff skullshatterer gets+their damage and debuff hecks me up so much. Any tips or guides to beat this stage so i can get my piddly 1 pure originium?

I had a LOT of trouble with that too, took me 10 practice tickets before I finally managed it. Here’s the team and strategy i used to complete it, I hope it helps.

The key operators for me were Exusiai, Siege, Liskarm, Meteorite, Zima, and Projekt Red. (yeah i know that’s half my lineup. the boss was a bitch.) I’d recommend these units because they’re who i used, but i know you probably don’t have all of them.

So here’s the breakdown.

First you need a good vanguard that can take care of the top part solo until you kill the boss. My only vanguard that could do that was siege, but you also might manage it with a high level vigna or zima.

Second you need a good tank, capable of withstanding 1 hit from skullshatterer with the threshold buff. If you have enough DPS to pull this strategy off, this tank should only take 1 hit before skullshatter dies. The reason it’s important to have your tank still alive after the boss is dead is because there’s still a lot of enemies that come after.

Third you need a good dps that can hit both of the points where skullshatterer pauses, while not getting hit when he’s at either of those locations. This operator will be your main dps for killing the boss. I threw in Projekt Red for more dps, but i’m sure there’s a good alternative to her out there somewhere.

Fourth you need a DP regen over time character. I used Zima since she was able to tank 2 hits from the boss, giving me a little more breathing room. You’ll need 2 good dp regen characters, because you’ll be going through a lot of dp while delaying/dpsing the boss.

Fifth you’ll just need Meteorite with skill 2. I haven’t found a replacement for her, but if you have a high level Meteor and Jessica you might stand a chance. The reason you need Meteorite is that she’s the only operator i know of that reduces armor by a set amount. Skullshatterer has a high hp pool and decent resist, making physical dmg the only realistic way to take him down. Thankfully (s)he has a small enough armor amount that Meteorite can mostly eliminate it. (Edit: If you don’t have Meteorite, you can get her guaranteed if you do a 9 hour recruit with the tags “AoE” and “Debuff”.)

Not gonna tell you where i deployed everyone because hey, i don’t want to take away all your fun :wink: Hope this helps!!

It’s actually a lot easier to beat that stage if you don’t block the boss until after he makes his round and comes back on his way to the exit. If you do it that way then u will have killed the rest of the mobs by the time skullshatterer makes it back and then ur team can tear into him all at once.
If u have mayer, you can use her summons as decoys to attract the boss’ attacks while he moves back to his spawn.
I beat it with this team. They were a lot weaker when I beat it initially ofc.